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Bride flowers

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Between fashion and tradition

Originally the bouquet was a symbol of fertility and purity. It was the last gift that the groom offered to the future bride to officially close the engagement and prepare for the new life of the couple. It could be delivered directly by the florist or the groom's witness. Possibly also by the groom himself but taking care not to look around too much to avoid, for a merely superstitious purpose, to see the bride before she arrives at the church.
Today the bouquet has in effect become a real fashion accessory and every bride indulges in finding the most original solutions to make the most beautiful day of her life truly special. Shapes and colors may be the most varied but the composition must absolutely be robust and able to withstand intact until receipt.
Clearly, in order for the flowers not to be out of tune, it is necessary to know in advance some details about the wedding dress because the bouquet completes it. Furthermore, the flowers must be in harmony with the decorations chosen for the church and the restaurant. Usually it is a unique florist to take care of everything.

Dress and bouquet

As the detail that completes the wedding dress should be chosen with great care. In its preparation we must take into account some important features.
First of all it must last all day without wilting or deteriorating. Secondly, it must absolutely not dirty the bride's dress or gloves. It must also be manageable and therefore must be suitable for the bride's hands, large or small. It must not be excessively heavy and its handle must be comfortable.
If the bride has chosen a short and informal dress, a round and compact bouquet can be used, composed of small flowers. Being suitable for any size and shape it is considered universal. This is never wrong.
The slim and tall bride with a dress that does not exceed the ankle can be honored with an open and voluminous bouquet. In this case it is necessary to ascertain whether under the level of life, given that it must be kept at this height, there is some decorative element that risks being obscured. In this case it is better to opt for a single flower enriched with ribbons to be kept on the arm. In this case, a rose or a calla are fine.
The dress with a train harmonizes well with a hanging bouquet with cluster flowers and is perfect for the tall and robust bride because she concentrates all the attention towards the bottom creating a suggestive slimming effect.
The bride in a business suit looks good with a bundle bouquet, maybe a bouquet of roses or tulips. It rests on the arm and is perfect for the slender bride with an elegant bearing.

Meaning of flowers

Nowadays brides are very demanding and almost always take care of the bouquet selection. In addition to colors and personal tastes, they take into account the meaning of flowers. However a touch of green by inserting some ivy leaves never clashes and testifies to the loyalty to one's partner.
The rose is very popular because it symbolizes happy love. It evokes magic, passion, delicacy. It is a symbol of beauty and perfection. Today, sumptuous and velvety roses are very popular but also small bouquets with very small buds.
The tulip, of any color, is like a new declaration of love for the promised bridegroom as it indicates respect and fidelity.
White calla lilies and orchids are very popular because of their purity and because they are associated with femininity and beauty.

Bridal flowers: Store the bouquet

The bride rooted in tradition, at the end of the ceremony, gathers all the girls in her husband's age and, turning her back, throws him towards them. The lucky one who manages to catch it on the fly will marry within the year. Sometimes a special bouquet is prepared for this ritual and the original one is jealously preserved as a reminder of the most beautiful day.
The preservation techniques differ according to the flowers chosen and the use to be made of the bouquet. You can dry it and keep it whole or create a collage of dried flowers with which to decorate the wedding photo album or, again, plant the buds of flowers in a vase to give life to new plants and, from year to year, always keep green the memory of the marriage.
The flowers that lend themselves to being dried are roses, peonies and hydrangeas. It is sufficient to hang them upside down in a dry, dark and well-ventilated room to give the bunch the chance to dry more quickly. It is important that the flowers are very fresh otherwise there is the risk of mold or subtle color variations.
In the case of wildflowers or large petals it is sufficient to arrange the flowers between the pages of a book or under special boards fixed with screws to have a stable press.
There are also specific products for sale in DIY stores, which absorb all the moisture of the flowers while maintaining their typical characteristics.


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