How to make crepe paper flowers

How to make crepe paper flowers

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How to make crepe paper flowers

The flowers are always very beautiful and colorful, they bring joy and fill the house with perfume. We would all like to have a full house but, as it is often not easy to find the flowers we want in all seasons, we can prepare them at home using a very simple material to work, crepe paper.
Make beautiful ones flowers with crepe paper It is much simpler than you think and in just a few steps we can create flower arrangements suitable for our homes and amaze our friends with our skill.
To make any type of flower it is necessary to examine it in all its parts as each flower is different and to reproduce it in the best way it is necessary to define all the details with great precision, each flower is generally composed of five main parts: the chalice; the corolla (consists of the set of petals); the petals; the pistils (it is the part that contains the pollen and that makes the fake flower much more natural, generally it is of a contrasting color with respect to the petals); the stem and the leaves (the stem is a very important part of the flower as it supports it and must be combined with the flower in terms of shape and size).
The best material for making flowers is crepe paper (it is easily found in all stationery), in fact this type of paper is very elastic and lends itself well to any type of processing, is available in various colors and sometimes it is possible to find also faded but, if you need a particular color that you can't find, you can fade it with a little bleach or you can join two different colored sheets, soak them and when they are dry you will see that their colors will be mixed.

The necessary materials

To make gods crepe paper flowers not just crepe paper is needed, but a series of other objects that we generally have at home are needed, but which should be prepared before starting work.
First of all you need to buy the various types of crepe paper that we will need to make our flower, on the market we find various weights but we have to use the 180 gram (buy it in various colors), then get some paper scissors and other scissors to cut the iron wires (you can also use a wire cutter). Also get some normal wire and colored iron wire (you can easily find it in hardware or gardening stores) that will be used to make flower stalks and finally prepared paper tape and florist adhesive tape (it's called gutta-percha and you buy directly from florists, to make your flowers you need the thinnest ribbon, buy it green so you can easily camouflage it).

How to make a flower

The first thing to do when making a crepe paper flower is the petals.
Cut strips of crepe paper 50 cm long and 8/10 cm high, take the top and spread it slightly with your hands, then bend it outwards (this will be the top of the flower), if you want you can also create small ones curling up by rolling a piece of crepe paper on a pencil, always turning the paper outwards, keep the position for a few seconds and then remove the pencil, you will see that the paper will have taken the form.
Roll this paper strip up to form a sort of flower and close it at the bottom with the green adhesive paper.
Then proceed to the preparation of the stem, cover the wire with the florists' green adhesive tape, try to cover it at each point and do not leave any part uncovered.
Now you have to prepare the leaves, cut them from the green crepe paper and spread them out well with your hands, then apply a piece of wire to the center and fix it with adhesive tape, make sure that the wire comes out of the leaf about a centimeter because this part will be used to fit the leaf inside the stem.
Finally fix the stem under the flower with the adhesive tape, remember to fix it very well so that the flower cannot be detached.

How to make crepe paper flowers: other flowers to make

There are different flowers to be made and all of them are extremely simple to carry out.
Get a strip of crepe paper, pink or white, at least 70 cm long and spread it out like a fan, roll it up tightly around itself and tie it with a nylon thread at the base, insert a wire into the base and coat it with the green adhesive tape, then lower and shape the corolla of the flower so that the entire edge is undulating. Your carnation is ready.
Fold, like an accordion, the crepe paper chosen to make the lilium, and cut out about ten petals.
Add the petals to form a bunch and in the center insert a piece of green paper to form the pistil, tie everything with a nylon thread and at the base position the wire for the stem, cover everything with adhesive tape green and cut leaflets to stick on the stem. Your lilium is ready.
Use your imagination to create other flowers and remember that perfection comes with practice.


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