Honda brushcutter

Honda brushcutter

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The Honda 4-stroke petrol engine

Honda was the first company to realize, 16 years ago, brushcutters equipped with a 4-stroke engine, pure petrol instead of 2-stroke oil-petrol mixture. The trimmers of the well-known company are designed to be 360 ​​° efficient, in every position. The 4-stroke engine offers a series of great advantages. First of all, compared to a mixture engine of equal power, the petrol engine does not consume oil and saves 50% of fuel. It also wears less easily and requires 30% less spare parts and maintenance. The petrol engine is less noisy than the 2-stroke one, with lower vibrations, has an immediate start and does not emit the typical smell of the mixture. Equal in power, the 4-stroke engine has a higher torque that ensures better performance. The petrol engine frees up to 85% less polluting gases in the air, thus respecting the environment.

Brushcutters technical features

This agricultural machine has an optimal weight / power ratio and is capable of efficiently cutting both tall grass and weeds. The OHC technology guarantees an easy and quick start without the slightest backlash. The fuel tank is large and therefore allows a long working autonomy. Higher engine torque is available already at low engine speeds for a quick and safe cut. The clutch is technologically advanced as is the width and diameter of the friction material. The materials that make up the rod, the handle, the anti-vibration mount and the accelerator ensure excellent durability. There is no need for tools to access the air filter. The large muffler helps keep engine noise low. The beat-and-away head allows the user to let the thread out without having to interrupt the gardening operation.

Honda brushcutter models: UMS and UMK

The Honda line of brushcutters has a shape designed to offer maximum comfort and safety. The controls are all next to each other and can be used with one hand, without having to leave the tool grip. The materials are chosen to withstand any condition of use. The protective system of the mowing device has reduced dimensions to allow adequate discharge of the grass. The UMS 425E model, with a curved shaft, has a 25 cc engine with petrol displacement for lead-free motor vehicles. The guaranteed sound power level is 109 dB (A), the ignition is electronic transistor and the recoil starter. The maximum weight in running order, including oil, petrol, cutting tool and relative protection, is 6.1 kg. The UMK 425E and UMK 435E models, on the other hand, have a rigid rod and include a single handle or handlebar grip, comfort harness, beat-and-go head and glasses.

Brushcutter Honda: Reversible UMR and multifunction UMC

The affordable UMR 435T reversible brushcutter also becomes a comb shaker. The backed tool is perfect for picking olives and nuts in medium-sized crops, even if located in areas that are not flat. Its engine is a 35.08 cc single cylinder, with OHC air cooling, the handle is double and the curb weight is 8.6 kg. The two new multi-function UMC 425 and UMC 435 models are characterized by a wide availability of accessories through simple coupling with the exclusive Honda Joint System. The models offer 7 different work tools, 2 drive units and 2 extensions, to meet the demands of the most demanding customer. The two models have 4-stroke engines of 25 cc and 35 cc respectively, the maximum number of revolutions per minute is 7000, the weight is 5.1 kg for UMC 425 and 5.9 kg for UMC 435.


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