How to build a dog kennel

How to build a dog kennel

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How to build a wooden doghouse

When you decide to adopt a dog you need to give him a comfortable bed. Those on the market are expensive, so it is better to build a wooden doghouse. First of all, it is always advisable to draw a project on a sheet, indicating the dimensions of the kennel, depending on the size of the dog and the space available. Then you have to buy the materials: you will need a wooden board to use as a square base; two side tables; a table for the back and one for the front, which will have to be cut at the tip; two rectangular tables for the roof and four tablets of measurement. The first thing to do is to take the four tablets and nail them under the base, so as to form feet, or solid supports. Then the two side tables must be fixed to the base with a hammer and nails; then it is the turn of the front and rear boards. Before fixing the front one, with the saw you have to cut the opening. Finally, you need to fix the roof and close all the slits with transparent silicone. After having passed the non-toxic paint of the color we prefer, the kennel is ready.

To build a do-it-yourself kennel, simply go to any hardware store and buy everything you need: in addition to the panels, the feet and any tiles if it is an outdoor kennel, you need to have the screws, a screwdriver, a hammer, screwdrivers, a hacksaw, a paintbrush, some waterproofing material and a favorite color paint. After designing a project, you can proceed by opening the house first: with the pencil and a line you need to trace the profile on the front panel and then cut it out with a hacksaw. To make the edges smooth it is best to sand it; after which the feet are fixed under the base of the kennel; then we move on to the assembly of the pieces. First you need to fix the side walls to the back, using screws and a screwdriver. Afterwards the structure thus created will be fixed to the front panel, the one with the opening. Finally, everything must be fixed to the base. The final phase includes coating the kennel with a waterproofing product and painting to color it and embellish it.How to build a kennel

The fundamental phase when building a dog kennel is the project: on a sheet of paper you have to draw the house with all the relative measures. If the measurements are wrong, in fact, you risk throwing all the material if the panels have already been cut. We must rely on the size of the dog for the size of the kennel: if, for example, the dog is half a meter high, the kennel must be at least one meter high and deep as much. However, you should not overdo it with size, because otherwise in winter the dog could suffer from the cold in a kennel that is too large: in this sense, it is advisable to open the large house just enough to let the dog enter, so to avoid heat dispersion in winter. The kennel, therefore, must be large enough to make the dog move comfortably inside, but without exaggerating. For the shape, it is necessary to adjust according to the space available and according to one's own tastes: as an alternative to the sloping roof, one can also make a rectangular one, by fixing a horizontal panel above the structure, building a parallelepiped shaped house .