Treat the bulbs

Treat the bulbs

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Question: when will I see the flowers?

hi, I saw your video on bulbous plants (youtube) but I didn't find the answer to my questions. I was wondering if you could answer my questions by email, list them below: 1) having planted the bulbs today, by how long are the flowers born? 2) how often should I water the soil? thank you, I await your reply

Treat the bulbs: Answer: bulbous plants in the garden

Dear Diego,
bulbous plants are usually divided into two large groups: spring bulbous plants, also called autumnal bulbous plants (because they should be planted in autumn), or those that bloom between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, such as hyacinths, tulips, daffodils; and summer or spring bulbous plants (because they should be planted in spring), or those that bloom between late spring and summer, such as calla lilies, barrel indica and iris barbata. Between the two groups there are a whole series of bulbous plants that bloom in full winter, like some varieties of iris, or crocuses, or that bloom in full summer until autumn, like the hemerocallis; therefore we can have flowers originating from bulbs from January until September (more or less). Since you write in March, I believe that the bulbs you have planted are spring bulbs, and therefore crocuses, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths; in this case, as long as you put the bulbs in the open ground, the climate and the rains will bring the bulbs to sprout, and only then could it be necessary to water the soil: the spring bulbous plants in general are very suitable for growing, in how much the spring rains are enough to stimulate their development correctly, and they need watering only if they are placed in a sheltered place, where they do not receive the rains, or if the soil becomes excessively dry. Any watering must be provided only when the soil is completely dry, in spring. After flowering, you will have to cultivate the leaves until they begin to turn yellow, at which time you can suspend every watering, and also wanting to cut the leaves at the base. Taking a tour of the nurseries, packets of all kinds of bulbs are already on sale in March, often even those that last year were not sold (which in February and March can also be found on offer); not knowing what bulbs you have purchased, it is not possible to tell you when the first flowers will bloom, because you may have also planted iris barbata, or dahlias, in which case all you have to do is wait until late spring, when your plants will begin to sprout. If it is summer bulbs, leave them undisturbed, without watering, until they begin to sprout spontaneously, which will happen in a few months.


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