Wooden pergolas

Wooden pergolas

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Wooden pergolas prices

There is a wide range of prices for wooden pergolas. Prices vary according to size, material used and ground anchoring systems. They range from a few hundred euros for pergolas leaning against the wall to about 3000 euros for elegant pergolas, design, easy to assemble. The most economical structures can be made DIY with minimal effort. They are solid wood structures, quite resistant to loads and with an excellent seal. The price usually includes a mounting kit with screws, bolts, purlins, horizontal beams and upright wooden poles. To fix the pergola on the ground, you need concrete brackets that are sold separately, as well as any decorative elements such as flower boxes and roofs made of various materials.

Wooden pergolas for terraces

The pergolas are particularly suitable for terraces in the city or in the countryside, in fact they make it possible to exploit the terrace both in winter and in summer, creating a cool and shady area and acting as a shelter from the rigors of winter. The wooden pergolas mounted on the terrace must be light and functional. Under the wooden beams a plexiglass or sloping aluminum structure must be fixed. The wooden pergola can also be covered by a covering in reed mats and a layer of underlying plastic laminate. The planters are an excellent ornamental element, inside these it is advisable to plant species with tendrils that climb well on the trellis of the pergolas, but also passion flower, ivy and all the plants equipped with suction cups that tolerate the great exposure to sunlight.

Wooden pergola prices

The prices of wooden pergolas can vary significantly depending on the type of wood used and the type of material and design of the structure's constituent elements. At the top of the range, with a price of over 3000 euros, pergolas are sold on the market made of fine, robust woods and treated with special solvents that ensure their durability for decades. They are available in various colors of walnut, oak or white. The upright and bearing poles are in laminated spruce with a steel protection cap. All the anchors are in resistant stainless steel, even the covering panels are in fir. For the most elegant structures with a complete electric motorization for opening and closing the awning, with fine automatic adjustment, the prices reach up to 5000 euros.

Roofs for wooden pergolas

The pergolas can be covered with various types of materials, simple sheets of transparent glass to let more light filter through, curtains or cute colored fabrics, the classic red tiles, wooden boards impregnated with particular products that keep the wood healthy and shiny for many years , plastic laminates and plexiglass plates. The pergolas can also be covered with climbing plants such as strawberry grapes, fixing the branches to the support structures, you can grow an espalier-grown apricot, the passion flower, the vine, the bougainvillea or the fragrant kiwi plant. The kiwi is a plant with many branches, similar to the vine, which lends itself well to embellish the pergolas. The roof must have the right inclination and slope to avoid rainwater stagnation.