Bach impatiens flowers

Bach impatiens flowers

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Bach Impatiens flower

Bach flowers are remedies studied by Edward Bach, a British doctor. His theory is based on emotions. The latter, moved by negativity, can also influence the body. The remedy serves to turn negative emotions into positive ones. The spirit will benefit from it and even the physical ailment will disappear. Bach Flower Impatience is dedicated to those who live a hectic life. Minutes are important and should not be wasted. They are unable to adapt to other people's slow pace. Laziness is not tolerated. Often they volunteer to help people who don't keep their pace. Every opportunity must be taken on the fly, as seen as a possibility of growth. They do not stop too much thinking about decisions, they are sure of themselves and of their abilities.

An impatient being struggling with time

The characteristic statements of the Impatience subject are: - "I must act" - "We must not waste time" - "Move that we are wasting time" - "I can do it alone" - "I am always in a hurry" - "I don't need tips "-" I can't stand lazy people "The Impatiens subject is often above average intelligence. He can't work in a team and prefers to do everything by himself. He has clear ideas about what to do. Does not accept advice and suggestions. In his mind the path has already been traced. The Impatience subject wants others to be at his own pace, he hardly trusts uncertain and undecided people. However, this state of mind creates problems with sleep and nervousness. He rarely finds ideal conditions to eliminate stress and relax. He can't get a restful sleep, because he thinks about what he has to do the next day. It wakes up before the alarm sounds. In the morning it is like getting ready for the start of the race of life.

Preparation of the Bach Flower Impatience Remedy

Bach's theory of flowers is based on the concept that spirit and mind must find themselves in harmony with nature. The elements must be taken from areas away from smog and from urban centers. The uncontaminated places without negative interference of modern society are ideal. The plants live in better conditions being able to best express the healing properties. Pure water must not be contaminated. The vials can be purchased in specialized shops. To prepare the remedy you need: - 1 vial of Bach Impatience flower - 1 measuring cup with a 30 ml pipette - pure water - brandy Fills the bottle for 2/3 of water and for 1/3 brandy. The brandy serves to preserve the elements from oxidation. Two drops of Impatience are then added. You can combine up to 5/6 different Bach Flowers. The flowers that can be matched with Impatience are: Beech, Chicory, Rock Water, Vervain, White Chestnut.

Bach impatiens flowers: Impatience to take life calmly

The dosage of Impatience is 4 drops of the preparation taken 4 times a day. In the mornings when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed are the ideal moments. the other two doses can be managed according to one's needs. The changed mood includes the following statements: - "I have to relax" - "It doesn't matter if I'm late" - "I have to listen to the proposals of others" - "I don't have to do everything by myself" - "I have peace in heart "The subject that takes on Impatience will be more calm and thoughtful. He will be able to fall asleep more easily and will have a restful sleep. In the morning he will stop for a moment to think about what to do, without starting in an accelerated way. Inner peace will be beneficial for physical peace. The body will regain amonia and will no longer experience symptoms of stress and nervousness. Each situation will be dealt with at the right time without anticipating events. It will improve the relationship with others, as they will see the radical change.


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