Bertolini rotary cultivator

Bertolini rotary cultivator

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Bertolini rotary cultivator

The Bertolini rotary cultivator is part of a range that is the result of a careful design and construction process, constantly updated in the construction technique. The 401 series is intended for the private market for operations in the family vegetable garden or in the home garden. Very functional machine, designed to have ease of use, without ever losing sight of safety. Its manageability allows it to be used even where space is scarce. The two petrol engines can deliver powers of 5.7 or 4.8 Hp. For the rest, it has everything you need: quick attachment of the tools, adjustable and reversible handlebars, PTO control on the handlebars, adjustable track and working depth of the cutter, also adjustable.

The hobbyist

The 403 series is wedged between the hobby and the professional series proper with a machine that, while maintaining the typical lightness and maneuverability of the 401, is more suitable for everyday use. Thanks to its semi-professional characteristics, this rotary cultivator finds use in those situations that require a certain commitment, such as: medium-sized vegetable gardens, small orchards, complex gardens, where the small machine suffers, but the professional one is excessive. Equipped with petrol engines with 5.5 or 7.0 Hp power. The constructive characteristics are those of the 401, including the mounting of the handlebars on an antivibration support that limits the vibrations transmitted to the operator; there is a different gearbox: here we have two forward and two rear gears, against a single gear for the smaller series.

The semi professional

Intended for users of small farmers and professionals in the green, this machine is extremely versatile and combines reliability, ease of handling and safety with great efficiency. The wide range of accessories is able to satisfy even the most demanding users. Professional use is the competence of the 410, 411, 316 and 318 series. The Bertolini rotary cultivator belonging to these series is aimed at the small farmer and the professional of the green, being a machine designed to be always manageable, but also very durable, able to withstand heavy commitments, equipped with numerous tools to combine it, to satisfy every need. Here we have fast travel inverters, diesel or petrol engines up to 16.3 Hp, cutters with 6 adjustments, electric starters and much more.

Bertolini rotary cultivator: The professionals

Numerous are the accessories that can be equipped with a Bertolini rotary cultivator: rear-mounted furrower, cutter, single-mower plow and ear-turner, furrow plow, cultivator with fixed teeth, potato digger, mowing bar, blade, brush, flail mower, trailer. All this thanks to the advice of the Bertolini retailer who can advise the customer on the machine best suited to his needs, as well as the accessories. Bertolini also provides a specialized technical service that deals with fast, quality repairs with a two-year warranty on products for private use. Attention to the customer is evident in first-rate after-sales service, as the retailer is a specialist, continually updated with specialization and professional updating courses.


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