Laurel problem !!

Laurel problem !!

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Question: Laurel problem !!

Good morning !! I have a problem with my lauro cerasus ... and I hope you can give me a solution !! I planted the hedge at the end of last summer (alas, badly advised by the type of the nursery ... since it was too hot! But I'm quite inexperienced! ) cmq since then the plants have not had clear progress, in fact a couple have risked the nuisance and then recovered slowly ... and in the lower area nn have had practically no thickening !! the plants are about 1.5m high and I would like to know if c 'is some solution to save ... if I could get them these days ?? maybe to reinforce them from the bottom !! I repeat that I am almost inexperienced (if not at all!) and I would like to remedy the situation x not having spent money in vain !! thanks a lot x l 'caution!!

Answer: Laurel problem !!

Dear Dandocan,
prunus laurocerasus is widely used to create hedges for the simple reason that it is easy to cultivate, and it is also a vigorous shrub, which can overcome even very strong stress, as your hedge has shown you; in fact the best time to plant the shrubs is autumn, as the climate is mild and humid, and therefore nature itself helps us with the rains to stimulate the rooting of our plants. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have free time in the most suitable season to do garden work; therefore, to allow the plants to take root in a very hot period, it is advisable to water them regularly, every time the soil is dry, avoiding to let the water drain. If the climate is really very hot, it is clear that the plants transplanted in this period, will undergo however a strong stress. Generally the laurocerases are pruned in late spring, after they have bloomed; this practice is motivated mainly by a desire to enjoy flowering, which in your case can go second this year, slowly, since it is a question of improving the development of your hedge; beyond this, the flowering of the laurel cherry is not among the most beautiful or showy in the world and therefore I would also say that it is appropriate to prune your hedge; since these are still fairly small plants, they slightly shorten the top, so as to favor the development of new shoots, both along the stem and in the lower part, so as to thicken all the seedlings a little. If you find branches broken or ruined by the weather also prunes those, but do not overdo it, it is still small plants; obviously it uses well sharpened shears, and disinfectant before starting to prune. In addition to pruning, consider that you will also need to stimulate the root system of your prunus, because if they produce beautiful strong and branched roots, in the coming years they will have less heat, sun and drought stress. Then, after having pruned, sprinkle around the stems of the slow-release granular fertilizer, and hoe it in the ground; in the nursery you can find specific fertilizers for the hedges, which have a balanced macroelement content, to favor the development of your plants, and also of microelements. The laurocerases tolerate drought quite well, and do not like the excesses of water, and therefore, for watering, it would be appropriate to wait a few weeks, given the cold and humid climate of this period. If you think your plants are still suffering, at the first watering you practice you can add an invigorating fertilizer, such as those based on amino acids, or special fertilizers to be used after periods of stress; in the nursery you will find many, of various brands, and with different compounds in them; choose the one that convinces you the most in the description and use it only once as soon as you can water your plants.


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