Withered tulips

Withered tulips

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Question: Can I save my tulips?

Good morning, I bought tulip bulbs of different species that are now growing. The purple ones are already blooming but despite I left them in the vase where they grew up they immediately wither and I don't understand why. They are positioned outside the sun and water only when the ground is dry. How can I go about having them with me longer? thank you Alice

Withered tulips: Answer: grow tulips

Dear Alice,
generally the diseases that affect tulips are mold or mildew, so if your bulbs are affected by gray mold (botrytis) or other pests, you should see them, on the ground, or on the stem, or on the foliage, or on the flowers; if you don't notice, I can't understand what happened to your bulbs. It could be a climate-related problem, so too much sun, or too cold, but not knowing where you live is hard to tell if these elements can affect your bulbs so much. If you took them in the bulb, put them in a vase, and are sprouting and flowering, every single flower should remain flowered for a few days, and the leaves should instead vegetate for a few weeks before they wither. Only a decidedly cold night climate, or a strong wind, can conspicuously ruin the tulip flowers, but it would also ruin the foliage. Given that you provide adequate watering, it should not even be a problem related to water, which can cause damage this season only if it is supplied in industrial quantities, always keeping the soil soaked, or if it is almost never supplied, and the soil remains dry and dry for days and days, without the vessel being exposed to the elements. If instead you bought the tulips already in bloom, the problem could be the fact that they are forced bulbs, and therefore it is necessary to grow them at home, and outdoors the climate is still too cold. I find it difficult to answer you, I need some more information; consider that the editing of gardening is in Lombardy, and here the climate in this spring that does not want to be seen is still very cold; the only bulbs already developed in the garden are daffodils and hyacinths, and for tulips we will have to wait at least late April, so perhaps you live in an area further south, or your tulips have enjoyed the shelter of the terrace, but the fresh wind makes them wither. In any case, remember that after you have removed the flowers, the leaves will be cultivated until they naturally wither, because only thanks to a luxuriant and vigorous vegetation, next year your bulbs will be swollen, and can produce beautiful colored flowers and large.


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