Homeopathy in pregnancy

Homeopathy in pregnancy

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Homeopathy in pregnancy

The period of pregnancy is a fundamental step in a woman's life. The joy of waiting for a child is the strongest emotion a woman can experience during her life. But, especially the first few months, they are sometimes difficult to deal with because of the annoying morning sickness, which lead to vomiting and stomach ache and make the day rather difficult. Not everyone knows that homeopathy in pregnancy can be the solution to all those disorders that pregnant women have to face in the first months of life of the fetus. Often misinformation on the subject mistakenly leads women to be afraid of taking drugs that can hurt the child. But homeopathic medicines are absolutely natural and can help future mothers live the nine months that separate them from the birth of their child in a more serene way. However, before taking any substance, however natural, it is advisable to consult a doctor or an experienced herbalist.

Homeopathic remedies against nausea

Thanks to the fact that they are highly diluted, homeopathic medicines are also indicated during pregnancy. Among the ailments that a pregnant woman, almost always, must face, one of the worst and most annoying is nausea. There are numerous homeopathic remedies against nausea and they adapt to every woman based on the type of discomfort she suffers from. If you suffer from morning sickness associated with the sight and smell of food, a constant feeling of emptiness in the stomach and vomiting after meals, the most suitable homeopathic remedy is Sepia. If nausea is postprandial, that is, it improves after vomiting it is necessary to take Nux Vomica. Bitter Ignatia is particularly indicated in case of nausea accompanied by spasms and aerophagia. When the feeling of nausea is rather violent and one feels disgust with any type of food, the remedy is the Ipeca. If nausea is accompanied by vertigo, taking Tabacum can improve the situation. Chamomilla is ideal when a disgusting metallic taste remains in the mouth after nausea and vomiting.

Homeopathy against abortion

The first three months of pregnancy are particularly delicate. In many cases, especially during the first pregnancy, the risk of abortion is very high in the vast majority of women. According to gynecologists it is a fairly normal event, but for a woman it can be quite traumatic. Homeopathy, also in this case, helps future mothers with homeopathic remedies against abortion. An element that can always be taken at the beginning of pregnancy is Luteinum, a substance that is indicated even if there is no risk of abortion. This remedy is then often associated with other more specific ones based on the type of losses that the woman finds. Arnica Montana is useful in bleeding with bright red blood and small clots. If blood loss is associated with pain extending from the vagina to the uterus, there is Sabina. When the blood is scarce and blackish and violent contractions of the uterus are suffered, homeopathy recommends the use of Secale Cornuta. The China Rubra is useful in case of poor dark blood loss, while the Cuprum Metallicum if it is in the presence of cramping pains.

Homeopathy for other disorders

Nausea and risk of abortion are not the only problems a pregnant woman faces in the first months of pregnancy. Homeopathy is a great help for all other types of disorders that can affect a future mother. Anyone suffering from seasonal or chronic allergies cannot take antihistamines that could harm the fetus and prevent it from developing at its best. In these cases the Poumon Histamine helps fight allergy without risk. A state of anxiety due to hormonal disruption is common in many women in their first pregnancy. Gelsemium Sempervirens helps to calm down in almost all states of anxiety, while if it is associated with panic disorder, the solution is the Aconitum Napellus. Should you experience violent and irregular contractions it is good to rely on the Caulophyllum, which can also foil possible threats of premature birth. In the case of diarrhea the Antimonium Crudum can block evacuation and is useful, in general, for all digestive disorders. Should a fever occur it is useful to rely on Belladonna.


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