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Where to find flowers online

Not everyone knows that, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to buy flowers online in a practical and fast way. On the web there are many sites that offer this possibility (the most famous is called, with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of options (seasonal flowers, fresh, dried, as well as several other plants). Payment can be made by the buyer, by credit card, through secure economic transactions that do not compromise the confidentiality of personal data. Once the purchase is completed, the flowers will arrive at home within a few days: at that point you will have to take care of them and keep them.

How to cure flowers

Yeah, but how? Let's discover some basic rules necessary to promote the conservation of all floral species. First, the flowers, as soon as they arrive, must be placed in clean water, so that they can absorb enough water to develop in a healthy way; therefore, they must be placed inside a suitably clean vessel, if necessary also with bleach to eliminate the risk of bacteria proliferation. Inside the pot, in addition to water, it will be advisable to introduce a sachet of nourishment for flowers; the flower stems, on the other hand, must be cut about three centimeters from the end, with an oblique and clean cut: oblique, in order to increase the water absorption surface; and net, in order to avoid fraying which, in addition to being unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view, risks exposing the stem to infections and parasite attacks. In order for the flowers to grow on a regular basis and develop as they should, the vases must be rotated every day by forty-five degrees, so that the light always reaches different points. It is good to keep in mind that the stems must never be crushed or broken, even if they are woody stems: the only consequence would be to decrease the life of the flower.


It should be borne in mind that the vessel must be supplied with clean water on a regular basis, but the water must never come into contact with the leaves: in fact, they would risk polluting it, compromising the health of the flowers. The latter, among other things, suffer from air currents and direct contact with sunlight; they must also be kept away from any type of fresh fruit, which contains a substance, ethylene, which reduces its duration. A particular treatment deserve the narcissi, which produce a mucilage that is harmful for the other flowers: for this reason they must be set aside for a whole day in the water before being joined to the other flowers.
As you can see, therefore, any type of flower requires care and maintenance: before proceeding with the online purchase, it is necessary to take this aspect into account before seeing your flowers wither and decay within a few days. But which flowers should you buy if you are not an expert and think you don't have a green thumb? First of all it is necessary to specify that their price depends on different factors: the species, the origin, the seasonality. A flower from South-East Asia, of course, costs more than a flower that is grown in all Italian regions, given the costs involved in long transportation; as well as a seasonal flower has a lower price (as well as a longer duration) than a non-seasonal flower. These are all parameters that must be taken into account when making an online selection (which among other things will also require a small surcharge for shipping costs). Speaking of seasonality, there are exclusively spring and summer species, such as geraniums, daisies, sunflowers and snapdragons, and others that instead grow at any time of the year, such as gerberas.
Particularly easy to care for are the daisies and numerous varieties of roses (you can choose different colors and sizes), which turn out to be quite durable over time.

How to complete the purchase

Once you have chosen the species (or species) you intend to buy, there is nothing left to do but head to the portals such as which allow you to make online floral purchases, review the proposed solutions and any existing offers and finally complete your choice. Following the instructions that appear on the page, the procedure will be completed not before having entered your personal data and the address to which you want to receive flowers. The payment, as well as by credit card (particularly convenient) can take place, depending on the site, also by pre-paid card (for example Postepay), Paypal and cash on delivery. Sensitive data and confidential information are treated with maximum security: in short, online purchasing saves time, effort and money, avoids the need to leave home to go to the florist and offers solutions for all needs and all pockets.


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