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Red hedge

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The main morphological characteristics of the red hedge

The red hedge of Photinia Red Robin or Monte Funchal is able to reach a height of three, four meters. Morphologically it is a hybrid, obtained from the cross between Photinia Glabra, native to Japan, and Photinia Serrulata, native to China. Its stem is thin, but with many branches, so, if planted individually, it takes on a roundish appearance. Moreover, it is characterized by lance-shaped, elongated oval leaves, which turn red during the spring months, in the bud phase, to then change color again and pass to the classic dark green. The aforementioned chromatic transformation takes place in March, while during the month of May, at the end of the spring period, small white flowers are born on the plant gathered in thin branches.

How to plant the red hedge

To obtain a good planting of the Photinia Red Robin it is necessary to carry out the planting during the autumn period, to allow the root system to grow luxuriantly. If the plant purchased is in a pot, it is necessary to remove it from the container first. Secondly, we need to dig a hole at least twice as deep as the vessel in which the shrub was contained. The draining layer should be placed on the bottom, then the fertilizer, a layer of soil and finally the ground bread of the Photinia. Finally, it is possible to cover everything and press firmly. It is important that the collar is always below the ground level by a few centimeters. For the first time, it is also necessary to irrigate constantly and repeatedly.

How to grow Photinia Red Robin

The Photinia Red Robin is a very robust plant that does not need special care, since it is able to withstand any weather condition, even if its leaves tend to dry out, if exposed to frost for a long time. It loves full sun and needs fertilizing only once a year, generally at the end of winter. As for the soil, Photinia loves substrates rich in organic matter, while it fears water stagnation, so the soil must be well drained. In this regard, it is possible to add river sand to the garden soil. Adult specimens, which have been in residence for a long time, can withstand short periods of drought, but during the summer we recommend a more constant watering, in the absence of rains (the best solution is the drip irrigation system).

Red hedge: Red hedge pruning, pests and diseases

There is no better time for pruning than another: it is necessary to intervene when the need arises. To obtain a thick hedge it is necessary to prune young plants, so that they can throw new branches from below. Once the desired goal has been achieved, it will be sufficient to carry out more sporadic interventions, aimed exclusively at maintaining the desired height and shape. leaves appear precisely with obvious dark spots. This fungus can lead to the death of the plant itself. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to resort immediately to pesticides. Spotting can also be caused by frost stress, for example if the plant has been exposed to long frosts or cold winds.


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