Wooden wheelbarrow

Wooden wheelbarrow

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The wooden wheelbarrows probably represent one of the oldest and most commonly used garden equipment for multiple purposes. Even in the modern conception, they continue to be built according to the nineteenth-century modalities, that is by hand, with tools typical of the carpenter, from the saw to the plane. There are many different models of wheelbarrows, which can be purely technical, and therefore with a simple form, or show wheelbarrows, to be put on display in the garden and to be used as a plant holder for plants that you want to highlight, placing them at a level higher than those planted in the ground, so as to give a particular connotation to one's space. Depending on the use, it will be advisable to choose wheelbarrows characterized by a resistant structure, and perhaps modern wheels in the case of a wheelbarrow to be used for transport.

To decorate the garden

Wood is certainly one of the most suitable elements for creating decorations in the garden that complete its layout. For this reason, in addition to the more classic practical use that can be made of wheelbarrows, or rather of means of transport for equipment, it is very easy to find wheelbarrows used as real vessels, in which, that is, small plants are planted. Usually, given the small size of the decorative wheelbarrows, the plants that are mostly used are the aromatic ones, so that they are always at hand and easier to tear without having to bend up to the ground. Furthermore, keeping these plants isolated also allows them to be kept cleaner and to protect them from the presence of domestic or stray animals passing through the garden.

The most particular forms

The wooden wheelbarrows for decorative use have allowed us to create a series of very special designs, often very creative and always very elegant and special. Some wheelbarrows, for example, are characterized by having square or rectangular shapes, which deviate slightly from the classical form, but which are enriched with decorative elements such as curls or inlays, for a typically Provencal style. Other models, on the other hand, have particular wheel shapes, which can also be square, precisely to highlight the purely aesthetic use of the wheelbarrow. Finally, many designers have created wheelbarrows that have peculiar shapes, such as that of a tricycle, various types of fruit, or animals, to create a real garden furniture that gives a special tone to any corner.

Wooden wheelbarrow: How to build one

Build one wooden wheelbarrow It is very simple and everyone can try it, provided they have the tools, the material and a minimum of precision. To start, it is always better to opt for a simple form and to choose more complex designs only if you already have a good knowledge of carpentry. For a simple wheelbarrow, just make a series of wooden rectangles, in particular one for the bottom and four for the four sides. Then serve two rectangles that will serve as feet and two longer axes for the "spars", ie the handles. If you are not familiar with woodworking, it is better to use a wheel that is already ready, or to provide, in the case of an aesthetic wheelbarrow, to use an extra leg instead of a wheel.


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