Mcculloch brushcutter

Mcculloch brushcutter

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Brushcutters: essential equipment

Cut the grass, trim the edges, trim the garden, remove too many shrubs. They are strenuous and senervative activities, which if done manually, rarely result in a perfect result. Not only: injuries, back pain and muscle aches are just around the corner. Not to mention the riskiness involved in mashing with cutting tools. The Mcculloch brushcutters solve all these problems through an ergonomic construction, able to perfectly balance the weight of the tool once in hand. The anti-vibration system, present on all models, also ensures less fatigue in the arm. The adjustable handle for better comfort, combined with a complete system of plastic protections that protect the operator's safety make these work tools an inseparable companion for those who have a garden or for those who have to work with plants and trees of all kinds.

A complete range

There are five brushcutter models signed by Mcculloch: we start from the B26 passing through the B28 up to the B40, with a wide range of accessories and safety shields. All to be combined with lawnmowers, tractors, hedge trimmers and whatever else the high technology Mcculloch puts at your disposal for the care of your garden or your green corner. The company was founded in 1946 in the United States, and since then it has never stopped producing tools for working outside the home, starting with chainsaws. Today this brand, spread all over the world, arrives in our homes with a series of brushcutters which, ideally, collect all the heritage and glorious history of this brand. Power, reliability, safety and energy savings are the values ​​in which the company believes in bringing its products more and more to an absolute level of excellence.

Brushcutter model B40

The B40 model is a top of the line trimmer for professional use too. It turns out to be a remarkably reliable instrument and very resistant to both the weather and the passage of time. Equipped with the exclusive OxyPower engine, it guarantees a maximum power that is always delivered fluidly for performance without compromise. It is also equipped, to protect the health of the user, with an effective anti-vibration system positioned both on the rod and on the handle. The latter is of the double handlebar type, so that it can be easily used both by right-handed and left-handed users. Thanks to the Soft Start system, the Mcculloch B40 also allows you to reduce the breakout effort by 40% to be started. Other precautions for the user are the double-padded belt, the very wide protection cover and the air filter cover that can be opened without the use of tools, for a quick and efficient inspection.

Mcculloch brushcutter: mcculloch range brushcutters prices

For a trimmer in the range you can spend between 150 and 400 euros: an important difference, justified by the power of the engine and above all by the presence of accessories in the package. In all models the quality is impeccable, however, for prolonged or professional use, the high-end models prove to be more comfortable and able to master even the most complex situations with ease, thanks to a promptness of response always at the highest levels. For the home garden, however, a basic model will go absolutely well and will allow us to save money that we could then reuse in the purchase of accessories or other tools for managing private green areas, such as a toaserba. For any need, Mcculloch has an absolutely ideal answer ready: better run to try one at the points of sale scattered throughout Italy.


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