Hot water cleaner

Hot water cleaner

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Pressure washers

The pressure washer is a device that using a jet of water that is under pressure, is able to remove dirt and incrustations from any solid surface. The hot water pressure washer is usually powered by electric current. The device is composed of a high pressure water pump, an electric or combustion engine, a water pipe that supports high pressures (up to 300 bar) and a nozzle equipped with a nozzle to let the jet escape. The pressure washer is driven by an electric motor that is able to turn a pump that can put the water under pressure using pistons made of ceramic or steel. By means of a valve it is possible to adjust the ratio between the pressure and the water flow rate. In the hot water high-pressure cleaner the water can be heated by a coil that belongs to the boiler that is mounted on the device.

Hot water cleaner

The pressure washer, thanks to the powerful water jet put under pressure, is able to remove the most stubborn dirt and deposits. The exit nozzle can be of two types: point and fan. With the first type the jet is so concentrated and violent that it can be able to cut stones. In the fan jet instead the water comes out with greater amplitude, allowing in this way a perfect cleaning of the surfaces. A pressure washer is capable of delivering a variable amount of water between four and thirty liters per minute. There are many types of high pressure cleaners, which vary according to use and personal needs. In fact, depending on the scope required for the work to be done, it is possible to find an ideal device. The main distinction between the various devices is between a hot and a cold water cleaner.

Types of high pressure cleaners

Cold water cleaners are the simplest type, which in fact is usually used for hobby purposes, since they are the cheapest, the most practical and the most manageable. Hot water cleaners, on the other hand, must provide for the heating of the water that usually occurs through a diesel burner. With this type of device it is possible to degrease the surfaces thoroughly and clean them properly. Being heavier and more expensive machines are usually used for professional purposes. There are additional accessories for high pressure cleaners, in fact it is possible to install a separate tank in case, for example, you want to use some cleaning liquid. During use, the soap is then automatically poured into the water tank. In addition to the main nozzles it is possible to install particular pipes that can reach the most difficult points, or it could be possible to install brushes for deeper cleaning.

High-pressure cleaner features

Among the main features of a high-pressure cleaner, the flow rate, pressure, energy consumption and weight of the machine must be taken into consideration, since it must be transported easily to be used. The flow rate represents the amount of water that the pressure washer is able to emit under pressure through the nozzle. The flow rate is indispensable since it would be useless to have high pressures, but few quantities of water. The pressure obviously represents the strength of the force with which the water is expelled from the nozzle. The consumption of electricity depends on how large the pump and the electric motor are. The weight greatly affects the manageability of the device, in fact for a cleaning in the garden or at home it would be advisable to provide yourself with a device equipped with wheels.