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Why get a picker for the olive harvest?

The answer is very simple and trivial. Imagine having to lean your ladder on the olive tree or having to climb the tree, for some it might even be fun but it will certainly be very uncomfortable, tiring, and above all it will cause you to lose an infinite amount of time unnecessarily. So what do you have to do? Buy yourself without even thinking about it for a moment. The help you can offer in the collection will be unique and precious and you will not be able to do without it anymore. You will understand simply by the fact that you will save a lot of time, adding days if you have a large area of ​​olive trees. To have the proof, try to make a competition, with some of your helpers, of those who collect more olives in less time. In case you like to be a winner, then equip yourself with this tool and you will immediately see the result.

Type of pneumatic lifts

Now let's try to delve into this world of whipping machines and we do it starting from the pneumatic lashers, which maybe as you will all know, air means. This typology is based on the principle of "high" frequency oscillations. This newly appointed is a famous principle in electric rakes but nowadays where technology is making great strides every day this feature has become the order of the day even in pneumatic rakes, and obviously it will be almost useless to say that all this has led many advantages in this "pneumatic" category. Therefore the very high number of strokes is very important but one cannot certainly forget the lightness, in fact this type of lashers fully reflect this characteristic especially if we compare it to the electric ones. Having said that, I advise you not to underestimate the pneumatic model.

Type of electric lifts

Now let's get into the world of electric lifts. Here we absolutely have to list some simple but very important advantages. We say electric and maybe we immediately think of some more difficulties in use and instead they are extremely simple and above all reliable as most have only one switch in continuous mode that makes the difficulty of very trivial use. All these models have an ergonomic handle, the vibrations are reduced to make them almost imperceptible and a comfort-proof weight. Another characteristic is the respect of the olive, which is very important for a long and serene life cycle of 'olive tree, in fact it is true that they will shake the branches with high frequency but you will notice almost incredulous no damage to the plant.

Sferzatore? You are the best.

Having reached this point in the reading of the article, I believe that the only image that will pass through your head will be that of the whistle blower and will be accompanied by the great desire to be able to use it as soon as possible and to be able to note the wonderful and exceptional advantages it offers. and quality of the harvest are characteristics that belong to this tool, in fact as you have already understood the speed of the harvest is increased exponentially with performances on the olive groves that are unique and unrepeatable for the human. If you still do not have them and the harvest season you get closer, all you need to do is figure out which type will suit your needs the most and buy one immediately. Just use ladders or maybe climb the olive tree with the risk of getting hurt at any time, the solution is only one and is called a scraper.