Bioclimatic greenhouses

Bioclimatic greenhouses

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Bioclimatic greenhouse

The bioclimatic greenhouses, also called capturing or solar greenhouses, are very particular structures whose realization takes place in the verandas or in the balconies of a dwelling through the use of specific materials. These structures are defined as verandas that participate in the heating of the houses during the winter months and in the cooling during the summer months. The construction of these structures must be carried out by highly qualified personnel who will carry out a survey of the area, the implementation of specific techniques and the use of particular doors and windows. During the winter months, these structures have the purpose of accumulating the external heat (by means of solar rays) and transmitting it to the interior of the building; during the hottest months, the reverse process is performed through the installation of fans and shutters, thus preventing the heat from the external environment from entering the house, creating inappropriate situations.

Bioclimatic greenhouse features

The bioclimatic greenhouses to be defined as such must have specific characteristics such as to allow the performance of particular actions such as the accumulation of heat during the winter months and the release of coolness during the hottest seasons of the year. Exposure to sunlight from these structures must take place fully throughout the year as it must allow prolonged heating especially during the colder months of winter. Orientation is to the south as the right shade / exposure ratio must be maintained. The construction materials must have different characteristics as they perform different functions. The roof, like the façade, must be composed of a glass suitable for carrying out the radiation; the east and west side windows must prevent internal heat from being carried out. In addition to these factors, it should be remembered that the greenhouse must be built so as not to increase the volume of the house, it must be devoid of external and fixed shading systems.

Bioclimatic greenhouse operation

The functioning of a bioclimatic greenhouse is very simple to observe. After having highlighted the characteristics of these structures, their position, the projects, the construction techniques and the materials necessary to erect these structures, it is necessary to report what is the actual functioning and what are the motivations that lead to their construction. These are structures included in housing construction and are derived from verandas or balconies. From the latter, the greenhouses differ in that they are composed of a roof and front and side walls in glass. The well-insulated structure, if positioned and oriented in the right direction, in winter allows the heat from external sunlight to penetrate inside the apartment. During the summer season, to prevent high temperatures from creating problems, shielding structures are installed in such a way as to protect the house from the heat and to create a sort of fresh ventilation in order not to heat the interior of the house itself too much .

Bioclimatic greenhouses: Advantages

The types of bioclimatic or capturing greenhouses are very particular structures that must be carried out by highly qualified personnel and through the use of very resistant materials, of high quality and suitable for this type of construction. First of all it is necessary to have a place used as a veranda or balcony because through them the greenhouse will be built; a project is completed with the aim of defining the orientation, exposure and construction of the structure. Then proceed with the realization of the same. As you can see the advantages of these structures are innumerable. First of all, they are eco-sustainable structures that bring considerable savings not only in terms of costs (for the purchase of fuels used in heating) but also in terms of energy savings. Added to this is a remarkable aesthetic rendering as the capturing greenhouses blend perfectly with the building structure.


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