Hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmer

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Hedge trimmer prices

The hedge trimmer is a very widespread and available instrument: Just take a ride in a particularly equipped gardening center and you will find a wide choice of models, which price will be extremely variable. The price of this tool is very importantly influenced by the brand of the product. On the basis of this fact a hedge trimmer will greatly increase its price. But the quality of a recognized product is certainly better than that of products of unrecognized brands that often do not meet European quality standards. The price also varies depending on the type. Telescopic and petrol-driven models usually have a far greater cost than normal models. Finally, the engine has an impact as petrol engines cost much more than battery-powered models. As the petrol engine model is more durable than the battery version.

Husqvama hedge trimmer

The parent company mainly produces engines and is famous throughout the world for the production of motorcycles, especially racing ones and especially for enduro bikes. For the care of gardening he has designed some excellent models among which we mostly remember the hedge trimmers. The different solutions reflect the characteristics of the parent company: attractive and aggressive design, with particular care and attention to ergonomics. The ergonomics of these models is very accurate, designed to ensure that those who use them are very easy to handle and practical. This maneuverability is also due to the fact that they weigh little despite being compact, synonymous with excellent weight / size ratio. The price of these models even if not high proves to be somehow above the average. We pay the price for a superior and evident quality.

Valex hedge trimmer

Valex, an all-Italian industrial production group, has been working for fifty years in the creation of tools for professionals and not, in the field of gardening and more. The sophisticated mechanics, the appealing design combine a reasonable economic price for high quality and longevity of the product. The Valex product is a small, light hedge trimmer, two-handed start with a high degree of safety, guaranteed by the rapid stop of the blade and the safety profile, with a two-sided cutting blade and a cutting capacity for hedges up to cm and a half. All at a price that is too competitive compared to other production companies. This product costs even a third of an average hedge trimmer of equal power. There are different shapes and sizes but the prices remain on average very low with a high quality profile.

Stihl hedge trimmer

For simply better results choose Stihl. What may seem a somewhat presumptuous statement turns out to be almost true for this kind of product. Stihl offers light and slender mixture hedge trimmers, essentially due to the internal combustion engine, silent, they have a very advanced noise management system. Moreover the models are also extendable and this makes them a key partner in the treatment of "difficult" hedges. The price is just the weak point of this product because on average it costs much more than any other product. Why is this cost so high? Stihl is very attentive to operator safety and guarantees among other things a useful assistance in case of breakdowns and malfunctions. Which has a high management cost. This raises the price.


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