Honda snowplow

Honda snowplow

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Honda snow plows

Honda snow plows are indispensable allies for optimizing performance and at the same time guaranteeing to work safely, in the most comfortable way possible and with a significant reduction in emissions so as to safeguard the well-being of the environment and man. Not only that, Honda is the right choice even if you are looking for a state-of-the-art snowplough that uses the most advanced technology. The engine is 4-stroke OHV, with overhead valves; in addition to the considerable reduction in consumption compared to a traditional snow plow, it also allows a start-up without difficulty and guarantees silent work without annoying vibrations. These machines are also ideal for the most difficult situations like frozen snow. They are therefore in all respects excellent candidates among the machines on the market.

The advantages of the brand

The advantages are numerous compared to traditional models. Among the most functional features is the new gas-assisted system which allows the height of the cutter to be easily adjusted with a single touch. To allow greater comfort they are equipped with ergonomic controls and a safety clutch to guarantee the possibility of immediately stopping both the machine and the cutter to offer greater safety. In addition, the hydrostatic transmission instead of the mechanical gearbox found in traditional snow plows, allows the speed to be changed progressively and to shift from forward gear to rear gear and vice versa only with a lever. The Hondas are the ideal choice even in cases of heavy or icy snow thanks to the tracks that allow optimal adherence even on slopes and to the dual stage ejection system with toothed auger.

Honda snow plow models

To choose the right snowblower among the 12 available it is important to consider the size of the area you want to treat, the time you want to use to finish the job and the amount of snow that you expect on average to remove. The single-stage models (HS 550) are indicated to remove 30 centimeters of snow in about 16 minutes (considering an area of ​​the size of about two tennis courts) in order to be able to get to treat up to 33 tons in an hour ; the Series 6 (HSS 655 W) is able to remove the snow in less time, up to 37 tons in an hour but only the wheeled model is available. The 7 series (HSS 760 W and HAA 760 T) in 10 minutes can eliminate 30 centimeters of snow from an area with the same width and it is possible to choose it both in the wheeled and in the caterpillar version while with the 9 series ( HSS 970 W, HSS 970 T and HSS 070 TS) the same result is obtained in 9 minutes and in addition it is possible to choose between a manual or electric start.

Honda snowplow: The most powerful models

Among the most powerful models we can include the 13 series, the hybrid snow thrower and the snowfighter. The 13 series (HSS 1380 T) offers the possibility of cleaning a large area like two tennis courts and with 30 centimeters of snow in about 8 minutes with the same possibility of choosing the 9 series. Hybrid snow plows (HSS 1380I, HSM1390I ZE and HSM 1590i E) and the showfighters (HSL 2511E) instead, manage to remove the snow in 7 and 4 minutes respectively. The working width differs by about 5 centimeters per category, starting from the 50 centimeters of the single stage to the 60.5 centimeters of the 7 series and then increasing by a minimum of 10 centimeters per category, up to the 110 centimeters of the snowfighter, while the height from 30 centimeters of the single-stage to 74 centimeters of the snowfighter. The engine has a GC 160 model for the single-stage, GX 160 for the 6 series, GX 200 for the 7 series, GX 270 for the 9 series, GX 390 for the 13 series and for the HSS 1380i of the hybrid category, iGX 390 for the hybrid HSM 1390I ZE, iGX 440 for the hybrid HSM 1590i E and GX 690 for the snowfighter.