Filling jars

Filling jars

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Question: filling jars

having large and capacious vases to be able to plant only flowers I would like to fill in half with something that makes volume but that does not weigh too much because in autumn I have to move them, is there something?

Answer: filling jars

Gentile Titian,
there are actually products commonly used in agriculture and gardening, useful for making the soil light and soft, which have a very low specific weight, and which can therefore be ideal in your case. The first thing that comes to mind is the expanded clay, which is also found by the florist, in rounded balls of various diameters, from a few millimeters to centimeters; it is actually clay, which is baked in a particular way, and treated, so as to evaporate the water contained in it, which leaves cavities in the granules, which are therefore very light. Similar in weight, but very different in texture and appearance, perlite, or those small, white, small pebbles found in many ready-to-use soil that you buy in the nursery; perlite is a product prepared by bringing at high temperature a particular volcanic rock, which contains water inside it; as the water warms up, the rock expands, and the evaporation of the tiny droplets leaves small cavities in the pebbles which are then created, grinding the rocks after they have been "cooked". Perlite is generally white in color, or pink, and is very light; as well as being a filler in the pots, it can also be used as a ground cover to prevent weeds growing. The same process is carried out on another mineral, vermiculite, which in this case produces small, light, porous scales. The pumice stone is also very light, which can also be found in small pebbles in the nursery. All these products, before being in the nursery, are widely used in construction and in fact are born for this industry and only later were used in crops or to improve the texture of the soil; for this reason, if you have to buy large quantities of perlite, or expanded clay, or other product, rather than in the nursery you should go to a building supply store, where in addition to having products at decidedly lower prices, you can also find larger packs, therefore more comfortable for you than you have to use large quantities. Clear that usually, for example, the expanded clay found in the nursery is often sieved, and therefore the pebbles of the same bag are all of similar size, while in the bag purchased in the building supply store it may happen of find more raw material; but since you have to cover with the earth, even if there are ugly pebbles underneath, I think there are no problems. When you have planted your plants, always keep in mind that underneath them there is a layer of very porous and draining substrate, and therefore adjusts the shot well on the watering, especially in the height of summer.


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