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Question: clover

Good evening, I wanted some information on my lawn among pebbles / river pebbles (clover), currently it is very high, you can't even see the stones anymore, how should I fix it? can I cut it with the machine / whisk?
Thank you goodbye!!!!!!

Answer: clover

Dear Carmine,
also the clover, like all the grass, is cut periodically, so as to keep the turf compact; if it is dwarf clover, mowing will certainly be few, only two or three a year; if instead it is common clover, once every 25-35 days you will have to provide for mowing. If, however, the grass has grown even among the rocks, it is difficult to prune it with the mower, because there is a danger that the blade will hit the stones, which can ruin the blade itself, or the stones, or even just move them all the stones, causing you extra work, and in unfortunate cases also damage to objects or yourself, because the blade of the mower could push the stones away, as if they were bullets. In these cases, or when it is necessary to mow the grass near rocks or paths, you avoid using the mower; rather, if it is a small area, we use lawn scissors, which have blades arranged so that we can make a cut parallel to the ground; if instead it is a friendly area, a flush trimmer is used, which will cut the grass without even touching the stones (and even if it touches them, the trimmer wire will not even scratch them). If you do not have a brushcutter, you can usually rent it at an agricultural consortium or a DIY store, at generally fairly low prices (a few dozen euros for a day of renting brush cutter; it is clear that it depends on where you live). I remind you that to have a vigorous and well-developed clover, it is essential that the lawn is placed in a very bright place, and especially in the drier period of the year, or from late spring until late summer, it is important to water regularly, every once the soil is dry. When watering the lawn it is advisable to water a lot and at a good interval between two waterings, and it is essential to avoid watering done often and with little water. This is because, if we water the lawn every day for 5 minutes in August, the water will only bathe the first layer of soil, and therefore the roots will be stimulated to develop on the surface, where the external temperatures will suffer much more; if instead we water every 3-4 days, for at least 20 minutes, we will wet a good portion of the first layer of soil, deep down, stimulating the lawn to produce a more vigorous and deep root system, isolated from the hot summer climate. The clover tends to live in symbiosis with the bacteria that fix the nitrogen present in the air and make it available to the plant; for this reason, avoid fertilizing your lawn, or you will supply nourishment to any weeds.


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