October flowers

October flowers

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Question: October flowers

good day i'm getting married the first sunday of october I'd like to know if and which flowers bloom in this period. thanks

Answer: October flowers

Dear Catiuscia,
unfortunately the autumn is certainly not the richest season of blooms of the year, and often the flowers and the fruits give way to the leaves, which in this season on many trees and shrubs take on all the tones of the flames of the fire, before fall; therefore, in many autumn bouquets, in addition to the flowers, intense red maple leaves are used, or orange or yellow leaves; these colors are often not suitable for wedding decorations, but not all of us have similar tastes, and therefore if you love orange, in addition to the more classic flowers you can also find many special colored leaves from the florist. In autumn, roses are usually still in bloom, but from the florist you can find every month of the year, since they come from plants grown in greenhouses in the Netherlands. September and October are the months of the chrysanthemums, which unfortunately in Italy are not used for joyful holidays, but they are used above all to commemorate the dead, and therefore they are not properly suited for a marriage; however, there are so many varieties of chrysanthemum, even the most joyful daisies are in fact chrysanthemums, and therefore you can easily find chrysanthemums similar to small daisies in October; along with the chrysanthemums, the September stars also bloom: small daisies, often pink or lilac, or even white. Moreover, in many Asian countries chrysanthemums are just flowers for weddings. In October you can already see the strawberry trees in bloom, with the small white bell-shaped flowers, and also the autumn camellias, or sasanqua camellias, with simple flowers, less showy than those of winter or spring camellias, but always very elegant . In September and October also hybrid anemones or Japanese anemones bloom, very particular flowers, delicate and elegant. You can then find many summer flowers, which continue their flowering, such as dahlias, the indica cane, or sternbergie, which bloom when the minimum temperatures begin to fall: they are often confused with the crocuses, because they have a very similar flower, of golden yellow color. In addition to flowers in bloom right at this time of year, consider however that most of the flowers that we find from the florist, such as lilies, gerberas or roses, are available throughout the year, because flower producers tend to force their plants to bloom when needed; you may not find the mimosa, but if you love daisies you can find lots of flowers, some actually in their natural flowering period, others forced to bloom even in October.


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