Peach pruning

Peach pruning

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The importance of pruning

If you want your peach tree to produce excellent and juicy fruits, a first aspect to be treated is certainly pruning. Peach pruning is certainly an operation to which particular attention is dedicated, belonging this to a plant species known to be among the most delicate ones. Of primary importance is the cleaning of the instruments that the operator uses during the operation. Moreover, pruning in a precise and rigorous way, perhaps allowing this delicate practice to be performed by competent operators or simply by experts, can certainly ensure an increase in the productivity of the plant itself. This, in fact, free from branches and other dry and old structures can finally grow optimally and become much more productive.

Work tools

The pruning of the peach tree eliminates both smaller and thin branches as well as thicker and more consistent ones. For this reason it is necessary to have a wide range of tools, which could be useful in the execution of the operation. First of all we will certainly need a pruner to prune the branches higher up, which are difficult to reach. The operator can also use the help of scissors, shears and the saw. Proceeding with order, each of these three tools is used to sever branches of increasing size and thickness. So for the pruning of young and thin branches, scissors will be used, for those intermediate shears, while the thicker ones are cut with the saw. Work tools must be sharp, sharp and clean.

When to prune

It is possible to distinguish between two main peach tree pruning methods, namely a training and production pruning. Training pruning is carried out in the first four years of the plant's life cycle and its main objective is to give the peach a specific shape. The second one is practiced from the fifth year onwards. This is performed to better support the productivity of the peach tree. In the field of production pruning, one can further distinguish between two phases: one is winter pruning and one is summer pruning. The first phase is mainly aimed at eliminating all the branches and structures damaged by the harsh climate and by frequent precipitations, while in the second one we proceed by thinning out and giving a shape to the foliage.

Peach pruning: Curiosity

When the peach tree is pruned, it is necessary to take all the necessary precautions so as not to damage the health and integrity of the plant. Simply put, you absolutely have to use clean tools and, in general, comply with very specific hygiene rules. As already mentioned previously, the peach tree represents a very delicate plant species, an easy target for parasites and other pathogenic species. This is why all the tools that are used for its pruning must be carefully cleaned and disinfected, as well as the gloves used by the operator during pruning. Paying attention and taking all necessary measures will lead to satisfactory results, while preserving the health and integrity of the peach.


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