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Leaf herbicide

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Question: help for weeding

I have a plot of land where I almost never go, if not only the summer and every time I find the grass taller than me and to cut it it takes at least 2 or 3 days of intense work with various bites of animals etc ... it almost becomes an enterprise fix it every year. I wanted to know if through a herbicide (brands and possible cost ranges) I can arrange the plot so that it no longer grows an inhuman forest but remains either with 0 plants or with a "decent" amount of grass. I add as a side note that on one side there is a walnut that I would like to save if possible.
Thanks in advance for your reply!

Leaf herbicide: Answer: the herbicide

Dear Antonio,
to be able to answer your question it is necessary to make a premise: the green spaces are exploited especially in the summer period, because the presence of the grass makes an outdoor area more pleasant, as it helps to keep the climate a little cooler; if you intend to weed weed completely, to keep your plot in beaten earth or covered with gravel, I strongly advise against it, because it will become unlivable, with very high temperatures and, in the case of gravel, with an annoying reverberation. If, on the other hand, you intend to find a way to clean up the lawn quickly enough by weeds, then to sow some turf, or to let other plants grow later, which you can then shave low periodically with less effort, then you can easily resort to to a leaf herbicide. There are various types of herbicides on the market, the most common one is often called the total herbicide, it is spread on the ground, where it remains for a long time, and it kills the plants already present, those that will sprout there and also trees and shrubs that stretch their roots in that area of ​​land. This type of herbicide, in addition to being harmful to the ecosystem in which we live, is also quite detrimental to you, as it would cause damage to the walnut tree, and make your land a completely arid and uncultivated, uninteresting area. I advise you instead to use a foliar herbicide: this type of herbicide should be sprayed on the leaves of the plants we want to kill, it will be conveyed to the roots, which they will dissociate; this effect occurs over a few hours or days (depending on the luxuriance of the treated plants and the climate, the warmer it is and the faster it works), and after the plants are dried, it is possible to remove them with a rake. Clearly it is essential to spread this herbicide by directing the spray directly on the plants to be treated, trying to stay close, and avoiding windy days, during which the herbicide could reach plants that we do not wish to kill. As for the walnut tree, its foliage is very high, and therefore the herbicide would not have any effect on the plant. This type of herbicide works only if absorbed through the leaf lamina, it has no effect on the wood or on the roots, and therefore after removing the treated plants, you will notice that underneath other plants can be sprouted, or you can plant what you wishes. In the market there are various products to be used as foliar herbicides, often based on glyphosate; however, there are also leaf herbicides without residual effects that can also be used in organic farming, which have a lower impact on the environment. As for the cost, it depends on the product you want to use, and it can even reach around one euro per square meter, if you consider using a product to be purchased already diluted in a sprayed package; if instead you use a product to be diluted and to be used with a larger pump you can go down with the price even ten times. After using a leaf herbicide, the lush green plants will dissolve, but any seeds that fall from the same will be able to vegetate without problems, or you may think of planting stable lawn seeds, which can help you contain weeds.


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