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The gardening centers of Viridea Cusago

Viridea Cusago is an agricultural company located on the outskirts of Milan. It runs nine chain gardening centers in three regions of Northern Italy: Lombardy, Piedmont, and Veneto. Present on the territory for almost ten years, the center of Cusago, 35,000 square meters dedicated to plants and animals, was inaugurated in 1997. Those of Rho (MI) in 2001 of 53,000 square meters followed; San Martino Siccomario (PV) in 2004 of 33,500 square meters; Settimo Torinese (TO) in 2005 of 27,000 square meters; Collegno (TO) in 2006 of 38,000 square meters; Rodano (MI) in 2007 of 58,000 square meters; Torri di Quartesolo (PV) in 2009 of 50,000 square meters; Montebello della Battaglia (PV) in 2014 of 7,500 square meters; and the very recent garden of Arese (MI) in 2016 of 6,600 square meters, located in one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. The set-up of all the gardening centers is similar and includes a vast covered area and a more contained area discovered for the nursery. All have ample parking for hundreds of cars and a refreshment area. They are open all the time and are always open, except for December 25th and August 15th.

The departments

The main departments of Viridea gardening centers are three: plants, animals and home and garden. In the last two acquisitions of the chain an area entirely dedicated to organic food has been added. In the plants department it is possible to find outdoor plants, including large ones, and houseplants, as well as everything necessary to take care of them: pots, soil, work tools. In the animal department in the same way there are small animals of different types such as fish, rodents, reptiles and birds and everything needed to deal with them, from accessories to food. Finally, in the area dedicated to the home there is a selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, but also furnishings and articles for DIY and DIY. At Christmas the shops dress up and set up a vast special area dedicated to the anniversary where you can find everything you need to decorate your home.

Courses, services and initiatives for customers

However, the Viridea Cusago company is not just a chain where it is possible to buy sector articles with a wide range of choices, but it is also a promoter of other services: advice at the point of sale and on the site; the design of green areas and irrigation systems; rental of indoor and outdoor plants; the composition of floral decorations for every occasion; home delivery and the possibility of financing. The chain also offers the possibility of entering the "Club Viridea" taking advantage of a welcome discount and privileged initiatives and offers. It also organizes for all customers numerous courses and activities related to its sales sector, and not only, both for adults and for children: from DIY courses, to demonstrations on plant care, to afternoons dedicated to the most important holidays. The courses are generally free and do not require reservations. Sometimes they are organized in collaboration with major brands that can be purchased in the chain.

Viridea cusago: Solidarity and educational of the company

The Viridea Cusago company has activated two important projects involving animals and children. The first project, called "Give us a paw", promotes the donation by customers of food for needy dogs and cats housed in nearby shelters. This material is added to what Viridea periodically and directly donates for their sustenance. The second initiative, Pollicino Verde, falls within the field of education and is dedicated to pupils in kindergartens, primary schools and first-level secondary schools. Viridea makes available to 1000 classes of educational kits dedicated to nature and organizes experiential and interactive workshops free of charge at its locations. Interested schools can apply by writing directly to the contacts indicated on the company website.