June 2013

June 2013

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May 26-June 6 Green Lab (Milan)

The association Donna e Madre Onlus in collaboration with the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza offers from May 26th to June 6th a gardening course aimed at all lovers of Milan and its surroundings. The course will explain topics such as the management and construction of gardens and terraces, recognition and care of the main diseases of ornamental plants, pruning and maintenance techniques for plants and lawns.
For more info, please visit the website: //www.doema.it/eventi/green-lab-2013/

June 2013: 14-15-16 June Agricultural Fair of Santerno (Imola)

Weekend entirely dedicated to the agricultural world in Imola with an exhibition of native Emilia Romagna local breeds, an exhibition-market with the possibility of buying dedicated to agricultural and food and wine products, floricultural and agricultural machinery exhibitions and much more. The fair will be held at the Sante Zennaro complex in Via Pirandello 12 in Imola.


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