Mountain banana tree

Mountain banana tree

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How to water the mountain banana tree

The Banano di Montagna is a very special tree, but pleasant both in appearance and in the fruits with different characteristics from the classic banana. It prefers a fertile, fresh, drained and deep soil, but it also adapts well to calcareous and clayey soils. The Banano di Montagna is rustic and does not require so much care and attention, however the soil must be deep and without water stagnation. Therefore, it is good to water it regularly in the early years, while in adulthood it is an autonomous plant that is satisfied with the rains. The only trick is to not let it dry out in moments of greater heat and drought, in fact to always have abundant fruits it is advisable to irrigate it especially in summer. To accelerate the time of fruiting, it is necessary to ensure a very moist soil both after the planting and in the following year.

How to grow mountain banana trees

The Banana di Montagna has a great activity in terms of bird-feeding and a delicate root system that develops little. Consequently it is advisable to treat his roots carefully during the transplant, in fact the earth around them must remain intact. The plant is usually sold in pots for planting in the spring. If the roots are damaged during the transplant they cause a halt to the vegetative cycle of the plant that could last for months. The multiplication of the mountain banana can be carried out by seed, although most probably it will not have the same characteristics as the original plant and the growth could be slow with late fruits. Better then the multiplication with the graft that is safer and the fruits will be of equal quality to those of the plant of the graft. Finally, multiplication using suckers is a little more difficult to complete satisfactorily as the suckers themselves find it hard to take root.

How to fertilize the plant

Mountain Banana flowers in April before the leaves, and its fruits stand out from the end of summer until the beginning of autumn. It is fertilized during planting with organic fertilizer at the end of winter or early spring. The pruning of this plant is done only to eliminate the suckers, the damaged and dry branches or to make the necessary cuts to prevent the tree from vegetating only outside the foliage. Mountain banana in recent years is increasingly cultivated both as a fruit plant and as a decorative tree for gardens. The fruits of the mountain banana are rich in vitamins and proteins and the internal pulp is sweet, yellow and fragrant, with dark seeds as big as beans. The flavor of the fruits is similar to that of mango and banana.

Mountain banana: Exposure and diseases

The mountain banana tree tolerates the cold very well and is a very resistant plant, in fact it can overcome temperatures that fall below zero, but it does not like the heat. So it lives well in areas characterized by cold winter months and cool ventilated summers. As an adult it is good to keep it in the sun, while as a young man in the half shade. The plant is also resistant to diseases and parasites due to the substances contained in the branches, leaves and bark; in fact, no attack of fungi or pests against the mountain banana is known until now. It is however an ornamental plant, luxuriant and exotic in style, which can become part of a garden or orchard to make it richer and more diversified. In fact, the mountain banana is a very ancient spontaneous tree that already existed 5 million years ago, and since then it has been appreciated for its fruits and cultivated almost everywhere also for its pleasant external appearance.


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