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Fruit and vegetables

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You have entered the fruit garden section, the section that deals with all the most widespread fruit and vegetable plants. In fruit and vegetables you will find the description, cultivation advice and many curiosities both on the most common fruit and vegetable plants and on those a little less common in the gardens of our latitudes.
Sowing and cultivation period, cultivation, fertilization and harvesting period are just some of the very useful information that you will find in the tabs of the two vegetable and fruit sections
If you want to learn more about the subject and if you would like something more immediate to learn about vegetable and fruit plants go to our video channel on gardening. Here every month you can find interesting, useful and very immediate videos on new topics.
For the vegetable garden he created a whole section of video, the garden video channel that through short and effective videos will explain step by step the cultivation of many species.
One of the main problems in harvesting fruits and vegetables is plant diseases. Parasites, insects, fungi and other pathogens can in fact compromise the harvest if we do not realize in time of their presence and if we do not implement forms of struggle and prevention. The diseases of the orchard and the diseases of the garden are numerous and heterogeneous even though they can mainly be traced back to three types of pathogens: fungi, insects and bacteria. In the sections of this section you will learn more about all the types of pathogens that affect vegetable plants and fruit plants, learning to recognize different diseases and above all learning to fight them. Through the special sections dedicated to grapevine diseases, apple and pear diseases and stone fruit diseases you will learn about all the diseases that affect the majority of fruit plants to be prepared in the event of a pathogen attacking your garden or your orchard.
The growing interest of people in organic farming is now a reality and the will of people to eat healthy fruits and vegetables, cultivated respecting nature, without using chemicals and possibly in areas close to the point of sale is every year always more widespread. For this reason we have dedicated in this section a section dedicated exclusively to the organic vegetable garden in which everyone, from the farmer in the country to the person who only cultivates in pots on their balcony, can find interesting information and ideas to properly cultivate their plants. By browsing and reading the articles you can get an idea about what organic farming means, what are the methods to achieve it and above all how to combat pests and diseases without using chemicals.
Most read articles:
  • Asparagus - Asparagus
  • Avocado - Persea americana
  • Kiwi
  • Aubergine
  • Potato - Solanum tuberosum
  • Zucchini - Cucurbita
  • Vegetable garden

    A very rich section dedicated to the cultivation of all vegetables. Detailed and detailed cards describe all the vegetable plants, the methods to cultivate them and the tricks to keep in their cultivation ... go to the Garden section
  • Orchard

    The orchard requires care and attention to produce good quality fruit. Here you will find all the main fruit plants with the relative cultivation methods ... go to the Orchard section
  • Apple and pear diseases

    The pome fruitfulness section proposes a very interesting study that deals with the main diseases of this plant family. Insects, fungi and nutritional problems are revealed one by one ... go to the section on diseases apple and pear
  • Stone fruit diseases

    Stone fruitiness is the section of which describes and proposes the remedy to the main dysfunctions of the plants that are part of the agricultural group of stone fruits ... go to the section Stone fruit diseases
  • Diseases of the vine

    In this section of the site there is an interesting in-depth analysis, aversion lives, which describes the main diseases and the main causes of dysfunctions in the vine due to environmental problems, fungi and insects ... go to the section Diseases of the vine
  • Work of the fruit and vegetable month

    The vegetable garden and the orchard need practically every year of treatment and some intervention. Fertilizations, pruning and disinfestations are just some of the cultural interventions that are done in these cultivation places ... go to the Works section of the fruit and vegetable month
  • Questions and Answers Vegetable and Fruit

    Doubts, curiosities and questions to ask an expert? Here is the space that will help you solve your problems and where you can write your questions about the vegetable garden and orchard and wait for an expert to give you an answer ... go to the Questions and Answers section.
  • Organic Garden

    The organic has fortunately taken hold even in Italy and the need to eat organically grown fruits and vegetables is now widespread. Discover with our tips how to grow your organic garden in pot or on the ground ... go to the Organic Garden section
  • Vegetable garden in the balcony

    In cities where the condominium is the main type of dwelling there is certainly no space to have a garden and a vegetable garden. In this case you can resort to a vegetable garden on the balcony, a gimmick to have fresh herbs and vegetables all year round ... go to the section Garden on the balcony
  • Growing Vegetables

    In case you missed something on the cultivation of vegetables, in this section you will be able to go deeper into the discussion by examining the cultivation methods of the most cultivated vegetables on a case by case basis ... go to the Growing Vegetables section
  • Serre

    Greenhouses are indispensable elements for growing vegetables outside their normal growth area or for speeding up the cultivation of some vegetables as they allow vegetables to be grown at the beginning of the normal growing season ... go to the Greenhouses section
  • Olivo

    The olive is one of the most significant and most symbolic plants that there is but it is above all a splendid ornamental and productive plant, able to give many exceptional products, from simple olives to oil to wood ... let's find out together! ... go to the Olivo section
  • Grapes

    Grapes and vines are one of the most cultivated fruits in our country, to a very large extent they are UVs destined for the production of wine, an agri-food product of which our country is one of the leading producers and world leaders ... go to the Grape section


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