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Service that allows you to find plants by entering the needs of the latter. With just a few clicks you will find the most suitable plant for your garden. With "find plants", our online magazine opens a service that allows you to find and choose the most suitable plants for your garden. Through the selection of the characteristics and cultivation needs of the plants, the database returns, in a few seconds, the most suitable name and type of plant. On "find plants" just a few simple clicks are enough to find any species. It is enough to indicate the humidity of the soil, the exposure, the minimum temperature, the dimensions, the time of flowering, the posture and the type of plant. Among the parameters to be indicated, there are also some cultural curiosities, such as the presence of fruits or the scent of flowers. Each field to click returns three to eleven entries. For each field only one item must be selected in order to create a complete card for each individual plant searched. The "find plants" service is truly unique and undeniable. In fact, every gardener would like to choose the most suitable plant for his garden. Moreover, green spaces are not all the same. Climate, exposure and composition of the soil can greatly affect the possibility of rooting and plant development. If on the database of "find plants" we indicate for example that the soil is acidic, that the climate of our garden is cold and that we would like to insert shrubs, in a few seconds the web page will give us the name of the most suitable shrub for fresh gardens with acid soils. The same is true for any type of plant, from herbaceous plants, to creepers, to bushes. With "find plants", the challenge of creating a perfect garden is transformed into a pleasant experience and a fantastic journey through the nature and needs of all plants. Inserting the most suitable plants for your garden also means respecting them and respecting the rules given by Mother Nature. Every plant, sought and selected to grow in a specific garden, will look healthier and more luxuriant, fall ill less and give very few problems to its growers. With "find plants" you will have the certainty and the guarantee of choosing and cultivating only those plants that are resistant to a given temperature, climate, exposure and soil. We do not add anything else, because we are sure that you can't wait to try the extraordinary utility of our service. After a few clicks, we are also certain that you will no longer be able to do without "find plants". How can you blame yourself? With this service, finding and choosing the best garden plants will no longer be a problem. Seeing is believing!


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