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The press review to find old appointments and new fairs in Italy dedicated to gardening, plants and nature.

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  • April 2011

    Opening of the La Mortella gardens Thursday 1 April, La Mortella Gardens reopen to the public,
  • April 2012

    Locarno Camelie, the most important European exhibition dedicated to the Camellia, returns from 28 March 2
  • April 2013

    At the Lombardi museum in Parma, Saturday 7 April the reprint of the botanical volume will be presented
  • December 2011

    Unfortunately for this year the exhibition of winter camellia flowering has been canceled; the ap
  • Events March 2013

    Cultivating the vegetable garden at home: here's how to do Sunday, March 10 in the botanical garden of Castello Qui
  • February 2011

    FlorExpo: the new nursery gardening trade fair is in Rome From 3 to 6 February 2011, in the pavilions of the
  • February 2012

    Florbusiness IV open day of agriculture in Puglia The event is professional,
  • February 2013

    With the approach of spring, the programming of the Hortus Urbis, the ancient Rome garden, resumes
  • January 2011

    MACEF JANUARY International home show. MILAN, New Rho-Pero Exhibition Center. INFO:
  • January 2012

    TecnoGiardino is the show that deals with the presentation of systems, projects and equipment dedicated to
  • June 2011

    "THE TREE SYSTEM - XI edition A new approach to the biology and care of ornament trees
  • June 2012

    5th SYMPOSIUM MULTIETNICO Corsico (mi) from 3 to 10 June 2012 ANCIENT MAIL STATION - IL VICOLO
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