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Question: pansy

I'm looking for the pansy tea plant but the one I need in lung treatment, do I find it?

Answer: pansy

Dear Daniela,
in the nurseries the violets that are commonly called pansies belong to hybrid species, selected over the years to make very large flowers, resistant foliage, and flowering in every possible color, from pure white to intense black, passing through all shades of purple, blue, red, yellow and there are also varieties with pale green flowers, all the colors of the rainbow. In reality, all these plants derive from some botanical species of violets originating in Europe; what in ancient times was called pansy, which is referred to when we talk about herbal pansy is the tricolor viola: it is small, although it is a little larger than the typical violets we see in the undergrowth, and it has flowers with purple and yellow petals, with brown and white sprays. In the nursery you can hardly find violets of this botanical species, even if the violets with smaller flowers are among those that most inherited from the mother plant. I am not aware of the active ingredients contained in the pansies, and in particular I have no idea if these active ingredients remain even in the hybrid varieties that on the purely visual and aesthetic side closely resemble the tricolor purple progenitor. For this reason, the only way to get tricolor violet leaves and flowers for your herbal tea is to look for its seeds and grow them; in this way you will also be sure of how plants are cultivated, because violets are often "pushed" to a rapid development, to flower in a few weeks, so as to put them on the market quickly, and in the nursery they can also be treated with fungicides or insecticides and I do not think they are suitable to be used to be dried and then immersed in tisane water. In Italy it is not widespread the practice of sowing flowers, especially with regard to plants so short-lived as tricolor violets, so I do not know if it is easy, in nurseries near your home, to find seeds of a particular botanical violet; It is much more likely that in any nursery they will try to sell you seeds of hybrid pansies. If you wish you can try those; or do a good internet search, there are so many sites that sell all kinds of seeds, and certainly tricolor viola (just to give you an example, Thompson And Morgan has tricolor violets in its online catalog, and send the packages of seeds in Europe costs very little


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