Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Dikovinka, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Dikovinka, its yield

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Tomato Curiosity is a rather tasty tomato variety that is grown by many vegetable growers. It is distinguished by the early appearance of the first fruits and a good yield. It is recommended to grow it in greenhouses, since due to the effect of low temperatures, the amount of the crop may decrease.

Short description

Before you start growing a tomato Dikovinka, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristic features that distinguish it from other varieties.

The curiosity belongs to early ripening tomatoes, because the first fruits can be harvested literally two and a half months after planting. The variety is distinguished by rather tall bushes that grow up to two meters. Therefore, during cultivation, care should be taken to tie the plants to strong supports so that they cannot break. Also, the bushes must be pinned.

It is recommended to form the plant into two stems in order to obtain a large yield.

Tomato Curiosity has dense rounded tomatoes, which are colored red with a brown tint. The weight of each fruit is not very large and is only 20-30 grams. However, this does not interfere with collecting 8-10 kg of tomatoes from each bush. The fruits are often used in cooking for various vegetable dishes and salads. They are also used for preservation for the winter.

Planting seeds

The time of sowing seeds for growing young seedlings depends on the region in which they will be grown. For example, in the central part of the country, they are planted until early April, and in the northern part, until mid-April.

Preparatory work

Growing Curiosities begins with the preparation of planting material. To do this, it should be pre-treated with a manganese solution. The seeds are wrapped in gauze and placed in a container with liquid. Seed treatment should last for 20 minutes, after which they will need to be rinsed with water.

Also, the seeds can be treated with a soda solution. For this, the planting material is placed in a container with liquid for a day. Soaking in water is necessary in order for the seeds to germinate faster.

Having finished with the preparation of planting material, you should start preparing the soil. Before planting tomatoes, it must be disinfected. For this, the soil can be placed in a preheated oven for 15-20 minutes. Also, the soil can be disinfected with hot water.


Planting seeds begins with filling the planting container with soil. When all the containers are full, it is necessary to make small grooves a few centimeters deep in the soil. The distance between the holes should be at least 4-5 cm.

After that, seeds must be placed in each hole and sprinkled with earth. Then the soil is compacted and watered. The containers with the planted tomatoes are taken to a warm and well-lit room, where they will grow before being transplanted into the ground.

Planting seedlings

Tomato Curiosity is transplanted into open ground 30-40 days after planting the seeds. However, if by this time the frosts have not yet passed, then you will have to plant the tomatoes a little later.

Site selection

To improve yields, you need to choose the most suitable place for growing bushes. It is recommended to plant tomatoes in areas that are constantly lit by the sun and protected from the wind. Also, when choosing a site, you should pay attention to the soil. It should be fairly loose and contain a lot of minerals that will promote growth.

It is recommended to plant tomatoes in areas where cucumbers, cabbage or onions were previously grown. This can have a positive effect on the amount of the crop.

Planting seedlings

The future harvest directly depends on whether the tomatoes were planted correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the recommendations for planting seedlings in the garden in advance.

First you need to start creating holes for planting bushes. They are made at a distance of 50-55 cm from each other. Near each hole, you need to drive in a peg for a garter of plants.

When all the rows are created, you can start planting. Plants are placed in holes in an upright position, covered with earth and watered. Then each bush is tied to a mount so that it cannot break due to the wind.


Curiosity is a great tomato that anyone can grow. Before you start planting tomatoes, you need to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of growing this variety and read the reviews of people who previously planted it in the garden.

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