Composition and instructions for use of Bona Forte, types of fertilizers and analogues

Composition and instructions for use of Bona Forte, types of fertilizers and analogues

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Liquid and dry granular fertilizers produced by Bona Forte are intended for use during the growing season of cultivated plants. Consider the types of fertilizers and their composition, purpose and principle of operation, how to apply them according to the instructions. How to work with fertilizers for safety reasons, how much and how to store, which analogs to replace.

Composition, varieties and release form of Bona Forte

Bona Forte produces fertilizers in liquid and granular form, in several forms, which are intended for feeding different crops. All types contain basic nutrients in different proportions, trace elements and bioactive additives, acids, vitamins. The composition does not contain chlorine, so the mixture can be used for crops that are sensitive to it.

The range of Bona Forte includes universal fertilizers and also developed and intended for a specific type of crops: for vegetables, berries, flowers, lawns, conifers, citrus fruits, grapes. There are mixtures for decorative deciduous, shrubs and perennials, for flower beds, orchids, ficuses and palms, roses and chrysanthemums, cacti, azaleas, heathers and rhododendrons.

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Fertilizers "Bona Forte" are produced in the form of concentrated liquid and granules in bottles of 0.5 l 0.75 l and in bags of 5 kg.

Fertilizer working principle

Bona Forte products are intended for plant nutrition, during which they supply them with all the necessary nutrients. The elements are selected so as to fully meet the needs of each type, or, if these are universal fertilizers, then they are selected taking into account average indicators, so they can be fertilized with almost all crops.

Many trace elements in the composition are in a chelated form, which makes them easy for plants to assimilate. Fertilizers are used both for root nutrition and for feeding on the leaf, the solution is absorbed into the tissues, saturates the plants with microelements.

Application area

Bona Forte is suitable for feeding vegetables, fruit, ornamental, flower crops, berries, lawn vegetation, exotic and garden flowers. All varieties can be used when preparing the soil on the site, when planting, during the main application or for top dressing.

Instructions for use

Granular fertilizer "Bona Forte" is applied to the soil in a dry form, scattered over the surface, embedded in the ground. Or, when digging, they are mixed with soil.

If this is not a preliminary application during the preparation of the site, but feeding the plants, then after embedding the substances, the beds are watered so that the granules dissolve.

The liquid fertilizer is diluted with water and the plants are watered under the root or sprayed on the leaf. Dosage of the preparation: dilute 10 ml in 1.5 l of water, consumption - until the soil is wetted. For spraying on a leaf, the dosage is different: 5 ml per 1.5 liters, you need to spray until the leaves are completely wet on both sides. When spraying indoor flowering plants, do not get on the flowers. Frequency of dressing: from spring to early autumn - once a week, in autumn and winter - once a month.

The manufacturer recommends alternating the “Bona Forte” preparations of the “Beauty” and “Health” series in order to provide plants with all useful components and protect them from diseases. The duration of use of drugs from each series should be 2-3 months, then they should be changed.

Security measures

Fertilizers "Bona Forte" are slightly toxic to humans, animals and bees. However, if it comes into contact with the skin, the solution can cause irritation. It is necessary to dilute the drug and add granules to the soil with household gloves so that the fertilizer does not come into contact with the skin. In case of contact with it, rinse with water, if the solution gets into the eyes, also rinse them with water.

After adding the granules to the soil, it is imperative to water the beds with water so that they can dissolve, this will not only allow the fertilizer to activate, but also prevent root burns. Do not feed the plants and seedlings that have just been transplanted to a new place, feeding can be done only after 1-1.5 weeks. Do not spray plants if their shoots and leaves are damaged by pests or diseases.

Storage rules and shelf life

The funds included in the line are stored for 4 years, but after the end of this period they do not lose their agronomic value. They need to be stored at a temperature of -15 to +30 C, they are not afraid of freezing - the liquid continues to work effectively after defrosting. Other storage conditions - do not allow direct sunlight and moisture, therefore, fertilizers should be kept packed in a factory container, in a dark and dry place. Do not put food, feed, medicine and household products next to them. The unused solution can be stored until the next feeding, but no longer than 2 weeks.

Fertilizer analogs

In the household, for feeding plants of all types, you can use fertilizers "Master", "Standard", "Plantafol", "Activin", "Valagro Master", "Via", "Master Agro", "Fertis" and others. They also contain basic and additional mineral elements in the selection necessary for plants, but in different proportions.

Bona Forte is a whole line of ready-made mineral fertilizers with a well-chosen and balanced composition. On the market there are universal mixtures that can be used for all crops, and specially formulated preparations for certain types of crops. The latter are very convenient to use, because of their specialization, they are much better suited for feeding and feeding plants. Fertilizers are available in the form of granules and liquid, they are easy to dose, simple to apply. Top dressing can be done throughout the season, both under the root and on the leaf.

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