Description of tomato Diet healthy man, cultivation and yield of the variety

Description of tomato Diet healthy man, cultivation and yield of the variety

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Tomato Diet healthy man on the territory of our country is distributed under the brand name "Siberian Garden", thanks to the selection of which the species was born. The variety belongs to a determinant variety with an early ripening period. From the moment of emergence to the first harvest, an average of 90 to 92 days pass. The crop can be grown in greenhouse and outdoor conditions.

The plant is not a vigorous plant, and the height of one bush depends on the growing conditions. When planted in a covered structure, the growth of the stem reaches 1.5 meters, in open ground conditions, the indicator does not exceed 1 meter. Regardless of the place of cultivation, the bushes need to be supported, tied and periodically pinned. The advantage of the variety is its good resistance to most common tomato diseases.

Characteristic features of the fruit

Tomato Zdorovyj has a rounded regular shape, smooth surface. The tomato skin is quite dense, which ensures the safety of the fruit during transportation. Ripe vegetables take on a matte orange hue. Description of fruits characterizes the average weight of one tomato in the range from 300 to 500 grams. Gardeners' reviews indicate that the cultivation technique and the degree of control of the ovaries directly affect the weight and size of tomatoes.

Compliance with the basic rules of agricultural technology allows you to remove up to 5 kg of vegetables from one plant bush.

A distinctive feature of the variety is the meatiness, juiciness and aroma of the fruit. Due to this feature, the variety is excellent for preparing light vegetable salads and making tomato juices. Tomatoes are able to give the first and second courses a unique rich taste when used as ingredients in a recipe.

A unique property of tomatoes of this variety is the low content of acids, which are contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to this feature, tomatoes can be eaten by almost everyone. Children's age is not even a contraindication to use. At the same time, the composition of vegetables is rich in keratin, when it enters the human body, the work of all organs improves. It is the unique composition of the fruits of the variety that led to the appearance of an unusual variety - the Diet Healthy Man.

Growing recommendations

The culture is grown in seedlings. The time of planting is determined in such a way that at the time of planting at a permanent place of cultivation, the age of the shoots is from 60 to 70 days. Until the first shoots appear, containers with planting material are covered with foil. The plant needs a sufficient supply of heat and light, therefore, if they are insufficient, the growth of shoots can be slowed down. Such seedlings are characterized by thinness and strong elongation upward.

Landing rules:

  • Planting is carried out in fertile soil, while placing at 1 m2 no more than 3 plants.
  • The advantage of the plant is the ability not to lose the ability to produce a good fruit set, even in difficult growing conditions and poor ventilation of the greenhouse structure.
  • A high yield of the plant is achieved when the bushes are formed into 1 or 2 stems, periodically removing the stepchildren.
  • In one brush, no more than 3-4 fruits are left to obtain large tomatoes. Without such tests, the average weight of vegetables reaches 150-250 grams
  • It is possible to obtain a tomato with the characteristics of supergiants, for which the number of fruits in the ovary is reduced to a minimum.

The agrotechnology of cultivation of the Diet Zdorovik variety is standard and has no peculiarities. The crop is suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners, and thanks to medium-sized bushes, plant care is easier compared to tall varieties of tomatoes. The plant needs timely watering and mineral fertilizing.

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