Description of the tomato variety Yellow marmalade, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Yellow marmalade, its characteristics and productivity

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Russian breeders have bred a hybrid of the determinant type - tomato Marmalade yellow. Suitable for growing in all regions of the country. It grows in open ground, in greenhouse conditions and under film shelters. A low-growing variety of tomatoes pleases with an early ripening period. Marmalade has a non-standard appearance and bright taste, so it must be planted on the site, even if there is no free space.


Tomato, like other varieties, is planted by sowing seed on seedlings. The growing procedure is no different from other tomatoes. To germinate faster, the seeds are hardened. This is very simple to do, you need to place a bag of seeds in a cellar or refrigerator for 12 days.

The seed does not need to be disinfected, since they go on sale after pretreatment. Seeds are planted in purchased containers or disposable cups. Watering with water is sent to a warm place.

To maintain the optimum temperature, it is recommended to cover the ground with foil or glass. Leave until the first shoots appear.

If the plant has 5-6 full leaves, it is ready for planting in the soil. If a person is going to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse or film shelter, the seedlings are planted in the soil in mid-May. With open ground, the situation is more complicated. As soon as the frost passes, the plant is planted in the garden. In the future, the culture is watered and periodically fed with fertilizers.

Fruit characteristics

The information provided requires the attention of gardeners:

  1. The peculiarity of the variety is the unusual color of the fruit, due to which tomatoes are similar to marmalades.
  2. The bush is surrounded by a few leaves. The greens have a delicate green color with a velvety dusting.
  3. In weight, the fruits reach 120 g, while the average weight is 80–95 g.

The reviews that gardeners and buyers leave contain a lot of descriptions of the taste of the fruit. The vegetables are small, covered with a thin skin. Inside there is a dense pulp. Tomato leaves a slight sweet aftertaste when eaten. Tomatoes are so tender that it may seem that a person is really eating marmalade.

It is important to know

Despite the fact that the variety is undersized, it is recommended to tie it to the trellis. This approach will ensure thorough treatment of the beds. Plants will not need additional air and will constantly fall to the ground. If you approach the tying correctly, it will give the beds a well-groomed appearance.

Advantages of the variety

Tomato Marmalade is appreciated for:

  • protective properties of the immune system;
  • the ability to transfer transportation;
  • tender and aromatic pulp.

Unlike other varieties, Marmalade is rich in beta-carotene. This substance is good for the eyes and the entire human body as a whole. Due to the unique composition, the fruits have an unusual yellow coating. The pulp is rich in sugar and contains solids.

Not everyone is used to seeing tomatoes with such a bright color. The vegetable is suitable for preparing first and second courses. Some housewives use it as a base for tomato sauce. During cooking, it resembles jam. Tomato Marmalade is a variety that requires special attention. For all the time of its existence, it occupies a worthy place in the collection of gardeners.

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