Why is quince so useful for the human body, indications and contraindications

Why is quince so useful for the human body, indications and contraindications

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Quince is a bushy tree. It can grow up to five meters. The fruits are harsh, the surface is embossed, the pulp is viscous, sweet, tart. They are similar in shape to a lemon-colored apple or pear. Ripen in mid-summer and August. The taste is very unusual, it is better not to eat them raw. The material will consider why quince is so useful, for whom exactly, how to use it, what to make from it.

Composition, calorie content, vitamins and minerals

The fruit has a rich, varied composition:

  • organic acids - malic, citric, tartaric;
  • monosaccharides - glucose, fructose;
  • tanning compounds;
  • vitamins - C, groups B, A, PP;
  • protopectins;
  • gum;
  • dextrins;
  • organic compounds - glycine, lysine, arginine, proline;
  • elements - iron, sodium, nickel, potassium, manganese, cobalt, phosphorus, copper;
  • flavonoids;
  • triglycerides.

100 grams of fruit contains 0.6 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of fat, 9.6 grams of carbohydrates. The number of kilocalories is 48 per hundred grams.

Useful properties of the fruit

Golden apples are packed with nutrients. Their benefits are invaluable. They contain beta-carotene, which helps to improve vision. Also, the substance is useful for the prevention of serious diseases - glaucoma, cataracts.

Common quince

Fruit juice and pulp have a softening and regenerating effect. It is indicated for constipation, poisoning of the body, since it is a laxative with a mild effect.

Fruits contain many pectin compounds that help the stomach to function properly. The fruit is indicated for cleansing the body of worms and parasites. Also, quince improves heart function and brings the pulse back to normal.


The variety was bred by the French. She keeps up quickly. It is used as a medicine - the juice helps to get rid of a sore throat. Also, the juice cleanses the respiratory system from mucus. The fruits are indicated for cleansing the intestines from toxins and toxins. The broth fights bleeding gums, stomatitis. Relieves heartburn during pregnancy.


The variety is rich in pectin content. They contribute to the removal of salts of heavy metals, toxins from the internal organs.

Quince is recommended for people with reduced immunity. It is able to increase the protective functions of the body, resists infections. The iron content increases the hemoglobin in the blood. The fruit is useful for dizziness, weakness, fatigue.


The variety is distinguished by large fruits reaching 1.5 kilograms. The composition contains vitamin C, iron, calcium, pectin. After heat treatment, useful qualities are not lost. Fruits normalize the psychological background of a person, increase resistance to stress, and improve sleep.

How to choose and store quince

The product has a dark yellow or lemon color. The aroma is unusual, but pleasant. It resembles the smell of an unripe pear with admixtures of spices, flowers and tree bark. How to choose and preserve golden apples:

  • take large hard copies in the store;
  • the color should be of a uniform yellow tint;
  • an important criterion for ripeness is the absence of green spots;
  • if the fruit is dented, you need to eat it right away, otherwise it will go bad;
  • at home, fruits are washed to remove the cannon from the surface;
  • wrapped in polyethylene and stored in a cold place for up to 60 days;
  • pears should not be placed close, as the product will quickly begin to sing and will soon deteriorate.

General effects on the body

It is irreplaceable and useful for the health of men, women and children.

On blood vessels and heart

Fruit juice is indicated for cardiovascular pathologies. It strengthens the vascular walls, increases the endurance of the heart muscle, purifies the blood and reduces the fragility of blood vessels.

For the digestive system

In 1 month, thanks to the daily consumption of the fruit, the intestinal microflora is restored after antibiotic treatment. Tannins and catechins can help relieve chronic constipation. They also get rid of carcinogens and toxins.

For the genitourinary system

The product is used for cystitis, as it has pronounced diuretic properties.

For the nervous system

Due to the concentration of antioxidants, quince has a positive effect on the nervous system, soothes and relaxes. Helps to resist stress, cheers up, invigorates.

In the form of cancer prevention

Phenols, antioxidants increase the body's resistance and fight the proliferation of cancer cells.

The benefits of quince for women

Golden apples are able to keep the female body in good shape.


While carrying a child, a woman is advised to eat the fetus. It contains pyridoxine. This is the best measure to prevent heart attack. The substance is able to remove puffiness, prevents ischemia, and normalizes metabolism. The product contains a high content of vitamin C. It helps the iron to be absorbed, improves immunity.

Boiled fruits help fight toxicosis. Due to the diuretic properties, unnecessary fluid leaves the body, and swelling decreases.

With menopause

During the period of hormonal disruptions, heavy menstruation occurs. Because of this, hemoglobin decreases sharply. The fruits help to stop bleeding, strengthen the vascular walls, and replenish the supply of red cells. Also soothes the nerves.


The fruit contains a lot of fiber. It is beneficial for weight loss. There is no cholesterol in the fruits, the minimum amount of fatty acids. They improve digestion, suppress appetite and nourish the body.

For men

Thanks to the contained vitamins, microelements, the level of cortisol is normalized, and stress resistance increases. Quince prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques, seals the walls of blood vessels and improves potency, stops inflammation in the prostate gland.

For children

The product is especially necessary for a young, growing body. Quince contains a lot of pectin, organic acids, and enzymes. All vitamins directly affect the development of the child.

Regular consumption of quince improves mental activity, enhances immunity, and has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to give to children with viruses and colds.

For what diseases is it recommended to use

Consider what quince is used for. It is unique because it has a strong restorative effect on the entire body.


This is one of the few fruits that can be consumed for diabetes. It is low in sugar and low on the glycemic index. The product helps to overcome pathology. Quince has a rich composition that cannot be compared with other fruit crops. Fiber slows down the absorption of glucose and its entry into the blood. Quince is versatile for diabetics because it does not lose its usefulness during heat treatment.

With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Quince broth acts as an enveloping preparation for any deviations in the normal functioning of the stomach.

With bronchitis

The golden apple has an expectorant effect. It is useful for colds, dry cough syndrome. The essential oils in the peel fight germs and prevent the spread of viruses.

For colds

A high concentration of vitamin C increases the protective functions of the body, helps to resist infections. 100 grams contains the daily requirement of vitamin C.

With bronchial asthma

The infusion of the leaf can reduce and delay seizures. It is prepared as follows: 5 grams of leaves are poured into 250 milliliters of water, boiled in a water bath for 20 minutes. Drink 4 times a day, 2 tablespoons. They are taken to the refrigerator and kept for no longer than 3 days.

With anemia

The syrup saves with anemia. A ripe golden apple is cut, water is poured in and boiled until the pieces are soft. Then squeeze the juice and boil it.

With periodontitis

Seed mucus relieves gum inflammation. 10 grams of seeds are poured with 200 milliliters of warm water and shaken for 7 minutes. Lotions are made from the resulting mixture. The seeds must be whole.

With kidney disease

The product has a diuretic effect, therefore it is indicated for kidney pathologies. A decoction is prepared from the leaves, which is drunk three times a day, 1 large spoon.

What can be consumed

They eat not only fruits, but also leaves and seeds.

The benefits of quince leaves

Fresh or dried leaves are brewed and drunk like tea or decoction. Leaves help with liver diseases, pathologies of the digestive tract, pancreas. Helps stop blood from cuts. Fight colds, flu, bronchitis. Rinsing the mouth with a decoction restores the gums.

Fruit seeds

Their usefulness is valuable to women. The mucus contained on the surface stops uterine bleeding.

Fruit pulp

It does an excellent job of removing excess fluid, relieves swelling in heart and kidney failure.

Popular recipes for traditional medicine

There are many options for preparing the fruit.

Quince and dried fruit compote

The fruits are crushed, dried fruits are washed. Pour boiling water, add a little sand and boil for 25 minutes. Then they insist for 1 hour.

Quince juice

When the fruit is boiled, the juice is separated from the pulp and granulated sugar is added. The combination of quince juice with apple juice turns out to be interesting.

Quince tea

You will need dried fruit, apples and raspberries in a 1: 1 ratio. The mixture is stirred. For brewing, take half a tablespoon and pour a glass of boiling water, add honey.

Quince jelly

The chopped slices are sent to a saucepan and boiled in water until soft. The pulp is passed through cheesecloth. Sugar is added to the resulting juice - 750 grams per liter. Put on fire and cook until the mass thickens. At the end, add citric acid, pour into molds and cool.


Quince is baked, passed through a meat grinder. Pour in sand and beat until smooth. Then boil until the mixture thickens. Spread out on a flat surface, wait for cooling and cut into pieces. Store in glass containers.

Quince jam

Cut golden apples, boil for 10 minutes, pour sugar syrup and leave for 4 hours. Then cook until tender.

Infusion of leaves

1 tablespoon is poured with 500 grams of boiling water and allowed to stand for 1 hour. Drink half a glass three times a day. This saves coughs, pneumonia. The effect is noticeable after 2-5 days.

Hemostatic decoction from fresh or dried seeds

Pour 1 tablespoon of seeds with a glass of water and cook for 5 minutes.

Quince in cosmetology

Fruits are used not only for medicinal purposes, cooking, but also as cosmetic components and masks.

Lotions and masks for face and hands

Recommended for oily skin and people with enlarged pores. For the lotion, beat the chicken protein, drip a little camphor alcohol, cologne and quince juice in equal amounts. This tool is used to treat the skin every day. As a result, the skin will become refreshed, soft, velvety, pores will shrink.

The mask is prepared as follows: fresh fruit is crushed into gruel. This mixture is put on the face, neck, left for a quarter of an hour and washed off with warm water. You need to apply the mask 15 times.

Infusion against seborrhea

A decoction of the leaves stains gray hair and relieves dandruff. 200 grams of leaves are poured with two liters of boiling water and left for 1 hour. Then the hair is rinsed three times a week.

Contraindications to the use and harm of the fruit

If you have problems with the stomach or intestines, you cannot eat raw quince.If there is a constant load on the vocal cords, then you need to limit the use of golden apples.

It is forbidden to eat fruits with pleurisy and chronic constipation. This will only make the disease worse. Quince is one of the healthiest fruits around. Has a broad beneficial effect for humans. It strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system, heart, blood vessels.

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