Potato harvest

Potato harvest

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Question: Potato harvest

when do we know we can harvest potatoes? Thanks Boris

Answer: Potato harvest

Dear Boris,
potatoes are the tubers of the solanum tuberosum plant; when we plant these plants, we bury the tubers produced the previous year, which once buried and watered begin to root and produce a beautiful wide plant; over a few weeks of cultivation, the new roots of the plant become larger and give rise to other potatoes; usually, when the potatoes begin to bloom, in spring, they have already produced some small chips, called new potatoes.
So, already during the flowering we could harvest the potatoes, were it not that the new potatoes are still small, and they have a very thin skin, not suitable for potatoes to be preserved during the winter months.
Usually, at the time of flowering, some of the more superficial potatoes are harvested, and then the holes opened by their removal are closed. Later, the potato plants continue to be cultivated, taking care to cover any tubers that remain too n surface; covering the stems also favors the enlargement of the root system, with a consequent greater production of tubers, in fact often in domestic crops the flowerbed in which the potatoes are grown is much higher than the garden plan, precisely to favor production of a very large root system, without having to use all the earth present in our garden.

Summer harvest of potatoes

Towards the end of summer, the potato plants, which are annual, begin to fade and dry up: this is the time for the potato harvest from Serbian, or those with the thickest peel, suitable to be kept for the whole winter, in a cool, dry and above all dark place.
If you collect a lot of potatoes, take care to place them in a dark area, just a drawer, or a dark and cool corner in the cellar; the light, especially if intense, and the warm climate present in the house, cause the sprouting of the potatoes, with consequent lowering of the nutritional value of the potatoes.
Potatoes are an excellent vegetable for our diet, as well as delicious and easy to prepare; they contain a good percentage of starches, about one sixth of the total weight, but this quantity varies a lot depending on the cultivation soil, and the variety of potato; in addition to starches they contain mineral salts, water, vitamins and fiber; they are not a highly caloric food, as it was mistakenly thought for years, rather French fries are a highly caloric food, but due to the fact that they absorb part of the cooking oil.