Geranium allergy

Geranium allergy

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Question: geranium allergy

I would like to know if geranium belongs to plants that can cause allergies. Thanks

Geranium allergy: Answer: geranium allergy

Dear Dolores,
answering your question is a bit complex; all plants contain a number of substances, to which some people may be particularly sensitive; therefore in general, all plants in the universe can cause some kind of allergic reaction. It then depends on what you are allergic to. When we talk about plants, the most common allergy to which we think is that of pollen: millions of people in the world show more or less marked allergy symptoms to pollen. Typically it is unlikely to be allergic to pollen in general, you are allergic to pollen from some plants, some kinds of plants would be better to say. In the case of geranium, the pollen of this plant does not contain allergens, which means that you cannot be allergic to geranium pollen: if we go to a balcony full of geraniums in bloom, and we have allergic reactions, these are not due to pollen some flowers. The news of a transgenic geranium with pollen that does not cause allergies has spread on the web; it is one of the usual buffaloes, because geranium pollen alone does not cause allergies; and in particular the transgenic geranium invented in Spain is completely free of pollen, which makes it interesting, because geraniums could be invented with particular properties, but lacking in pollen, and therefore would not spread their mutated genes in the air. But the geranium in its leaves contains a long series of active ingredients, which are also used in herbal medicine, in skin products, or against bronchitis, or even as relaxants; in addition to this, geranium oil (extracted from the leaves of the most fragrant varieties) is used in perfumes, and also as mosquito repellent. There are people who are allergic to this type of products, because they are allergic to the particular active ingredients contained in the leaves of some geraniums. In particular, consider that in the syrups against bronchitis, in perfumes, in repellents, extracts from the leaves of the most common and widespread geraniums are not used, but often extracts taken from leaves of particularly fragrant geraniums are used. So it is possible that there is no manifestation of any kind of allergy by touching and manipulating Parisian geranium leaves on the terrace, and that instead the use of a trivial mosquito repellent product gives strong allergic symptoms. Fortunately, there is the possibility of testing which substances we are allergic to, and on the packaging of herbal products, repellents and perfumes, we can read clear labels, where all the substances they contain are listed, so that we can avoid those products that they contain substances to which we are allergic.


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