5 easy homemade blueberry wine recipes

5 easy homemade blueberry wine recipes

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At home, blueberry wine is made according to a simple recipe. It tastes as good as grape. Color, thanks to flavonoids, intense, rich. Experienced winemakers provide convincing arguments supporting the beneficial properties of the homemade drink.

Features of making blueberry wine

Blueberries grow everywhere in Russia. For homemade wine, a berry growing in moist, mixed forests is more suitable. It has more juice, sugars. In dry places, blueberries are small, not juicy. They are in no hurry to collect. The blueberries should ripen.

The technology for making blueberry wine has its own peculiarities. They are due to the composition. Fructose in the pulp, juice is not enough for fermentation. In addition, there are substances that prevent it. The problem is eliminated by adding sugar or honey to the wort.

There are many mushroom spores on the skin of a berry picked from the forest. They impair the taste of the homemade drink, so the blueberries are washed. The washed-out wild yeast is replaced with home-made sourdough with commercially available wine yeast.

How to make blueberry wine at home

If you have blueberries, then you just need to make homemade wine. American scientists have studied the chemical composition of this drink. Found out that it contains antioxidants. They are known to help with oncology, serve as its prevention, slow down aging.

Classic recipe

According to this recipe, blueberry wine is made without yeast. They are replaced with homemade sourdough. It takes 3-4 days to prepare it. Take:

  • juice squeezed out of fresh, cleanly washed, sorted berries;
  • sugar (300 g);
  • raisins (not washed) 100 g.

The ingredients are placed in a clean, non-oxidizing container. The neck is tied with gauze. They are placed in a warm, dark place. The leaven is stirred every day. Take a wooden spoon. Symptoms of the finished starter culture:

  • fermentation;
  • specific sour smell.

After the appearance of these signs, they begin the second stage of making blueberry wine - the stage of fermentation:

  • the sourdough is filtered through cheesecloth folded in 2-3 layers, poured into a fermentation tank (bottle, jar);
  • add water, its temperature is 22-25 ° C;
  • add sugar (300 g);
  • put on a glove or put a water seal.

On the 5th day, a little liquid (500 ml) is poured from the container. The remaining sugar (300 g) is dissolved in it and poured back into the fermentation tank. Fermentation lasts 1-2 months. While it goes, the glove stands, when it ends, it falls.

It is important not to miss this moment and drain the wine from the lees in time.

Strain it into a clean container using a thin tube. Fill the container (bottle, jar) to the top so that there is no oxygen in it. When determining the volume of raw materials, you can use the data from the table.

Raw materialsamount
Berries4 Kg
Sugar1 kg
Water2 l
Raisins100 g

Option with honey

The homemade drink made with honey has a special taste. Especially good wine is obtained if it is lime and fresh. For 4 kg of raw honey, you need 0.4 kg, sugar - 1.5 kg, water - 2 liters, citric acid - 5 g.

The recipe with honey differs from the classic in just one moment. The difference is that syrup is added to the wort. It is cooked in the following way:

  • mix sugar, honey, heat;
  • stir constantly;
  • when the mass boils, add citric acid;
  • after 10 minutes, the boil is removed from the burner;
  • cool.

The temperature of the honey-sugar syrup, which is poured into the wort, is room temperature, 22-25 ° C. The wine is prepared according to the algorithm described in the previous recipe.

On vodka

If you have dried blueberries, you can make a liqueur. To make it, you will need vodka, sugar, water. Pour the raw material with vodka. It can be replaced with moonshine. Place the container in a dark place for 2 weeks. Then drain the vodka (moonshine), and leave the berries in the jar. Pour them over with syrup made from water and sugar.

After a week, strain the syrup, mix with vodka infused with blueberries (moonshine). Throw out the berries. Filter the resulting drink, pour into bottles. Remove to a dark place.

You can drink vodka blueberries after 5 months.

Raw materialsamount
Dried berries500 g
Vodka (moonshine)750 g
Water150 ml
Sugar1 tbsp.

With raisins

Wine yeast is commercially available. They are added to the wort to enhance fermentation. Instead, unmilled raisins are added to blueberry wine. They take not shiny, it has undergone a chemical treatment, but matte dull, brown.

For 1 part granulated sugar, take ⅒ part raisins, 4 parts blueberries, 2 parts water. Crush the berries, transfer to a fermentation container. Pour:

  • raisins;
  • a third of granulated sugar.

Tie the neck with gauze. Place the container in a dark, warm place. Stir the wort every day. Take a wooden stirrer. On the 4th-5th day, filter the mass, pour into a clean container. Pour the cake with water for 20 minutes, strain. Pour the resulting liquid into the wort.

Pour the remaining sugar into the fermentation tank. Put on a glove or a special nylon cap with a water seal on the throat. In a warm, dark room, the fermentation process lasts 25-50 days. After that, the wine is decanted from the remainder and tasted. If they want a sweeter drink, add sugar, put a paddle. Filtered after 7-10 days. Blueberry wine is poured into bottles.

Blueberry-grape wine

You need red grapes - 2 parts, fresh blueberries - 1 part, sugar - ⅒ part. The grapes are not washed, the blueberries are sorted out, washed. Juice is squeezed out of the berries, mixed, sugar is introduced, poured into a fermentation tank, a shutter is installed.

When the fermentation is over, the wine is poured into another container and filtered. When it settles, decant through a tube into bottles. The sediment is left at the bottom. This recipe makes an excellent wine. He has a unique bouquet, a unique aroma.

For reference:

  • 1 part - 2500 g;
  • 2 parts - 5000 g;
  • ⅒ part - 250 g.

If the raw material is less (more), the amount of each ingredient can be easily calculated.

Beverage storage

Homemade wine is kept in bottles. In a sealed container, it does not oxidize, it costs up to 3 years. The permissible temperature range for the storage location is 5-16 ° C. The taste of blueberry wine is not immediately revealed. Gourmets prefer to drink wine aged 2-3 years. Young drinks taste mediocre.

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