How many years strawberries can bear fruit in one place, terms and conditions

How many years strawberries can bear fruit in one place, terms and conditions

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It is not recommended to keep strawberry bushes in one place for several years, as they reduce the yield indicator over time. The question of how many years strawberries can bear fruit in one place often arises among novice gardeners. Having understood the nuances of growing berries, it will be possible to get a good harvest every season.

How many years can you grow strawberries in one place?

Most varieties of berries can grow in one place for 2-3 years. Further cultivation is impractical, since the berries will become smaller, and the yield will gradually decrease due to the many peduncles.

Also, strawberries can only grow for one season. By practicing annual planting, the bushes planted in the fall are removed after the first harvest, and new plants are planted in their place. This procedure is repeated every year. The planting density with this method of growing reaches 50 plants per square of land.

When growing berries, the layout of the bushes is of great importance, on which the ability to bear fruit in one place depends. The planting scheme is determined taking into account the goals of cultivation, the size of the site and the agricultural techniques used.

If the berries are grown in one place for two years, the bushes are placed in a row with an interval of 15-30 cm. The spacing of the rows is 30-40 cm, depending on the degree of growth of the cultivated variety. The more powerful the plants, the more distance you will need to leave. With a three-year growing cycle, the distances in rows and aisles are increased by 10-15 and 15-20 cm, respectively.

The importance of fruit change

A properly planned fruit change allows you to get a bountiful harvest every season. In most cases, the productivity of strawberry bushes decreases sharply after three years of cultivation, therefore, crop rotation is required. If possible, it is worth moving the plants to a new place every season, and uprooting crops grown for more than 5 years and planting other berries or vegetables instead. Taking into account such a scheme, the following categories of small plantations will constantly grow in the garden:

  • novosad;
  • bushes of the first year of fruiting, bringing a minimum yield;
  • high-yielding plants;
  • a strawberry that ends the development cycle, which is uprooted after picking the berries.

Growing strawberries according to the Frigo system

The Frigo seed preparation technology has become widespread among experienced gardeners. According to the technology, mother bushes are placed in the ground in the spring and fertilized for active reproduction. The growing plants also fertilize and wait for ripening, which begins in late autumn. During the ripening period, the foliage of the strawberry becomes brown, and the roots are light brown, only remaining white at the ends.

Ripe plants are dug up, large leaves are removed, sprayed with fungicidal preparations for disinfection and sorted by size.

Sorted bushes are tied into bundles of several dozen and stored in a cool room. To store plants using the Frigo technology, transparent plastic bags are used, which are placed in a refrigerator. Inside the refrigerating chamber, a constant temperature is provided in the range from -2 to 0 degrees and humidity is up to 90%. Subject to the required conditions, the bushes can be stored for a couple of weeks to a year without reducing yield.

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