Instructions for the use of Aktofit and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for the use of Aktofit and the composition of the insecticide, dosage and analogues

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Broad-spectrum insecticides capable of killing several types of pests are used in many crops. Let's consider the composition, action, purpose of "Aktofit", instructions for use, how to work properly with the solution, dosage and consumption. Compatibility with other pesticides, shelf life, storage conditions and substitutes.

Active ingredient and preparative form

The composition of "Aktofit" contains 0.2% aversectin C (avermectins). Produced by the manufacturer in the form of an emulsion concentrate in 40 ml sachets, 200 and 900 ml bottles and 4.5 liter plastic bulk canisters. The concentrate is a clear yellowish liquid of even consistency with a characteristic odor.

Principle of operation

Aversectin enters the insect's body when sprayed or together with eaten leaves treated with a solution. The compound acts on the nervous system first, exciting, and then depressing. In 8-10 hours after spraying, insects stop feeding, their death occurs in 3-6 days. The protective effect of the drug lasts 3 weeks.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Aversectin does not accumulate in the soil, decomposes to non-hazardous products. It does not give rise to addiction in insects, it is allowed to use it for several seasons in a row.

In what cases is it used?

"Aktofit" is used on a variety of vegetable and fruit crops, flowers grown in greenhouses and in the garden, grapes, strawberries and hops, berries. In these crops, the insecticide destroys beetles, spider mites, aphids, thrips, whites, scoops of various species, silkworms, moths, leaf rollers, sawflies, moths, flower beetles, weevils.

Instructions for the use of the insecticide "Aktofit"

The product is used on plants when harmful insects appear. You can spray in sunny, dry weather, in the absence of wind, it is not advisable to do this early in the morning, with dew and in the evening. For the pesticide to work, it is necessary to moisten the entire surface of the leaves with a solution.

Temperature at which Aktofit works best: + 18 ° С and above. The temperature below this level reduces the effectiveness of the insecticide, above the level it increases: after +28 ° C and above, it is permissible to reduce the consumption rate of the product by 25%, which will not affect the effectiveness.

The rate of application and consumption depends on the type of plant and harmful insects (in liters per hectare):

  • beetle potatoes - 4;
  • cucumbers in greenhouses and tomatoes from ticks and beetles - 4, from aphids - 8, from thrips - 10;
  • cabbage from whiteflies and scoops - 4, from aphids - 8;
  • flowers from ticks and silkworms - 4, aphids - 8, thrips - 10-12, from moths - 10;
  • grapes from ticks and leaf rollers - 2;
  • fruit and berries from sawflies, flower beetles and ticks - 4, moths - 5, aphids and moths - 6;
  • strawberries from weevils - 4, from ticks - 6;
  • tick hops - 4.

The number of sprays with "Aktofit", according to the instructions, is 1 or 2. The period before harvesting is 2 days.

Safety precautions when working with the drug

According to the level of toxicity "Aktofit" is not dangerous for people, soil, plants. It is necessary to limit exposure to bees for 1 day, since aversectin C can be toxic to them.

The insecticide solution does not irritate the skin, does not cause an allergic reaction, but you need to work with it with gloves, plastic glasses, wear a respirator and tight clothing when spraying. During processing, it is forbidden to smoke, drink, eat any food.

After finishing the treatment with Aktofit, clean your clothes, wash your face and hands with water.

If the solution is on the skin, you should wash it, if it gets on the mucous membranes, also rinse them. If the insecticide gets inside, you need to rinse the stomach, for which drink 1 liter of water and coal tablets. Then induce vomiting. If the condition worsens, you should immediately consult a doctor.

What is compatible with

"Aktofit" is allowed to combine with various fertilizers and growth-regulating drugs, with insecticides FOS, pyrethroids and fungicides. Cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

If the compatibility is not known, before combining them in one solution, you need to test: mix in a separate container 50 ml of a solution of both agents. If they do not react with each other, there is no change in the properties of the solution, then they are compatible.

Storage conditions and shelf life

"Aktofit" is stored for 2 years at temperatures from -20 ° C to +30 ° C, in a dry, shaded room. The concentrate must be in its original production packaging, with tightly closed lids. The drug, which is stored in an open container, quickly loses its properties.

Contact with the product of children and animals, saving with food, feed and household products is not allowed. And also storage of the finished product diluted with water for more than 6 hours - after this period, the solution becomes ineffective. All residues must be poured onto an unused area for growing crops.

Drug analogs

Aversectin C is contained, as in "Aktofit", in agricultural products with insecticidal action: "AltAlf" and "Fitoverm", produced in different formulations. The preparations are used to treat plants in the fields and in private households.

"Aktofit" is an insecticide containing aversectin C as an active substance. Shows efficiency at high positive temperatures, while its effectiveness does not decrease even with a reduction in the consumption rate. When used correctly, it is non-toxic to treated crops, soil, animals, insects and humans. The pests die within 3-6 days after treatment, during the next 3 weeks they do not appear on the plants, which also happens thanks to "Aktofit". It is not addictive to harmful insects, for this reason it can be used for processing for several years.

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