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Outdoor chairs

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Outdoor chairs

The outdoor chairs are essential elements in the furnishing of a garden or a terrace because it is impossible to think of furnishing an open space without the use of various garden chairs.
The chairs are indispensable both in the areas dedicated to dining where they can stand side by side with the table, and in the relaxation areas where, next to a sofa or near a small table, they create a place where you can spend time chatting or having coffee.
There are several models of outdoor chairs, all made of materials that can withstand the elements and that can characterize the place where they are placed.
Choosing your outdoor chair is not entirely simple as you need to take into account different factors and above all the style and material used to furnish the remaining outdoor space, then you must also take into account how many people you could host and purchase a number of chairs able to cope with this number and, given that in general people are many and the few chairs it is possible to also buy folding outdoor chairs so that they can be used only when necessary and stored when not needed.
If your main problem is space, there are also many models of stackable outdoor chairs so you can hold them one inside the other and not take up the space you can dedicate to anything else.
The market for outdoor chairs is really very varied and able to meet any need, you just have to decide which are the main features that your chair will have and certainly you will find the most suitable model for you and your outdoor space.


The outdoor chairs can be made of many different materials, often combined together, but mainly made of plastic, iron, aluminum and wood.
The outdoor chairs made of plastic represent the most economical and simple choice of chair, they are very resistant and functional but hardly have a particular aesthetic, they are very light and therefore can be moved easily.
The chairs made of iron are very elegant and particular, especially if they are made of wrought iron, they are resistant and last over time, they are also very heavy, so if you choose this type of chairs, try to provide a fixed type of furniture because it will be difficult. To move.
The aluminum chairs are very light and very resistant and represent a practical and functional choice, they can have particular shapes and are treated so that they can withstand all weather conditions without getting damaged and without requiring any type of maintenance.
The chairs made of wood are the most classic choice of chair, they are very durable and durable and are generally made of teak and rattan wood since both of these woods are naturally water repellent and well withstand both sun and rain exposure .


The outdoor chair must be chosen in combination with the furnishings of the environment and above all it must be combined with the table next to which it must in fact be placed, generally, the table and chairs are purchased at the same time so as to choose the style and color of the 'together.
Another important choice concerns the material in which the chair is made in fact the wood adapts to the classic style and is generally comfortable while the iron is suitable for modern style but, in general, it is very uncomfortable.
If you want a particularly elegant decor you must use the wrought iron chairs matched to your table while if you are only interested in the practicality and have a limited budget available you can opt for the plastic models.
When choosing outdoor chairs, also consider the place where they will have to be positioned. In fact, the plastic resists weathering well but flies away in case of strong gusts of wind while the iron can be damaged by excessive humidity so it is advisable to cover it during the winter or place it directly under a gazebo or veranda.
Rattan is one of the best materials because it does not fear any type of climatic condition and resists chipping but has a very high cost, so before deciding to buy chairs of this material carefully calculate what the total cost will be.

Outdoor chairs: Purchase and maintenance

The maintenance of outdoor chairs varies depending on the material chosen.
Rattan and teak do not require any maintenance and must be cleaned with a damp cloth while the other types of wood must be periodically painted with paint to protect the surface.
The plastic is very resistant and only fears the very strong sun that can make it discolor but does not need any care.
Iron, in general, is galvanized, therefore it becomes very resistant to atmospheric agents, it is only necessary to periodically check that no rust has formed on the structure and, if you find it, you must remove it.
For the purchase you can go to a garden furniture store but you can also find models of cheap garden chairs in shopping malls and DIY stores while for wrought iron chairs it is advisable to commission them from an iron craftsman who will create of unique chairs.


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