Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Rhapsody

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Raspberry Rhapsody

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Not so long ago, a great novelty appeared on the seed market - a tomato of the Raspberry Rhapsody variety. The tomato has many advantages over competitors and is able to surprise gardeners with an early harvest and great taste of the fruit. It can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.

Description of the variety

Raspberry Rhapsody is an early tomato variety that gives its first harvest 90 to 95 days after germination. Refers to determinant standard tomatoes that do not need pinching. The height of the bush does not exceed 60 centimeters. Can be grown both under film cover and in unprotected soil.

The characteristics of the fruit immediately draw attention to the variety. The mass of one tomato reaches 300 grams with good care, the pulp is very dense and fleshy. Dry matter contains 5%. There are about 5 to 6 seed chambers. At maturity, the fruits have a crimson color and a rounded, slightly flattened shape. Tomatoes are very ribbed, which makes their appearance even more presentable and unusual.

On an industrial scale, Raspberry Rhapsody is almost never grown, because mature tomatoes do not tolerate transportation very well and are not suitable for long-term storage: they quickly lose their commercial qualities and begin to deteriorate.

But for home use, this variety is simply ideal: both for fresh consumption and for preparing blanks, preservation.

The yield of Raspberry Rhapsody is high - up to 15 kilograms of ripe fruits are harvested from one square meter. With such indicators, only a few bushes on the site will provide the whole family with delicious fresh tomatoes.

Growing features

The description of the variety allows us to conclude that the timely sowing of seedlings will allow harvesting ahead of time. The optimal time for this is the end of March or the beginning of April. Previously, this should not be done, because the seedlings will begin to stretch, and due to the threat of night frosts, it may not yet be possible to plant it in open ground.

Despite the small height of the bush, Raspberry Rhapsody needs a garter. The stem of a tomato is not very strong, so bad weather and strong winds can be harmful. It is worth noting that in order to grow these tomatoes, you need to take care of regular feeding.

The fact is that the plant is demanding on the composition of the soil, and the variety gives a good full-fledged harvest only with appropriate care.

Raspberry Rhapsody has good resistance to major diseases and pests. However, top rot can damage the crop. To avoid trouble, you need to reduce the nitrogen content in the soil, trying to add calcium there.

Regular airing of the greenhouse and timely watering will help prevent the appearance of brown spot. Excessive moisture not only causes disease, but also rotting of the root system and the death of bushes is possible.

Tomato Raspberry Rhapsody requires a certain level of attention and care. However, if you follow the simple rules of care and prevention of diseases, the gardener will receive a rich harvest of tasty tomatoes, which fully compensates for the effort expended.

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