Description of an early tomato variety Skorospelka and its characteristics

Description of an early tomato variety Skorospelka and its characteristics

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The Skorospelka tomato variety was bred by Russian breeders. The culture is so named because it gives tasty fruits quite early. Already at 85, delicious natural tomatoes ripen. The plant grows well both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field.

Plant characteristic

The plant of this variety is not tall, determinate with a large amount of foliage, it requires pinching and a garter to a support in order to get a good harvest. Outdoor cultivation is recommended, however, the plant grows well in greenhouse conditions. Due to the early maturity, the tomato does not have a high yield. A plant with simple inflorescences, on which about 6-7 fruits are formed.

Description of fruits

The fruits ripen on day 85. Therefore, the variety received such a name. When ripe, the fruit turns bright red with a flat-round shape. The fruits are medium in size and grow up to 150 grams. For an early variety, the fruit is very tasty and fleshy with a high content of nutrients.

The fruits are versatile and perfect both for fresh use and for conservation. At the same time, they are not afraid of high temperatures, and they do not burst during processing. Good and tasty tomato juice is obtained from this variety.

The fruits are characterized by good keeping quality and transportability. Gardeners often use this variety commercially.

Pros and cons of the variety

The advantages of the culture is the possibility of fruiting at low temperatures. But the tomato has a low yield. The plant has good immunity and resistance to various diseases. This can be achieved due to the early ripening of the fruit. Vegetables have time to ripen before late blight comes. The disadvantage is pinching and tying to the support.

How is sowing and care done

Seeds are sown for seedlings at the end of March. Before planting, it is advisable to treat the seeds with a weak solution of manganese. Seeds are not sown deep into the ground. After the seeds have hatched and the first adult leaves have appeared, they dive. This will make the plant stronger and stronger.

You can plant seedlings in open ground in two months, but first you need to harden the plants. This is done by carrying the seedlings outdoors for a couple of hours.

When planting in open ground, it is required to treat the ground with a manganese solution. This will help prevent all kinds of diseases. When planted one square meter, 6 plants fit. The plant has good immunity and does not require any special care. The main care consists in loosening the soil, regular watering and periodic feeding of the plant. You can achieve a better harvest if you use drip irrigation.


Marina, 45 years old

On the site I saw the Skorospelka variety. I liked the characteristics and description of the variety, as well as the reviews. Since after the winter I wanted to get natural tomatoes as soon as possible, I decided to order. Fulfilled all the recommendations that were written on the package. The result was very encouraging. All summer we ate delicious natural tomatoes. In addition, I put most of it for conservation and is very happy. All tomatoes are whole and beautiful. I recommend.

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