How to keep mint fresh in the refrigerator for the winter

How to keep mint fresh in the refrigerator for the winter

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The aromatic plant is grown for food, medical purposes, for perfumery fragrances and as an ornamental crop. During its flowering phase, mint exudes a soothing scent that promotes relaxation. Planting a single root will provide you with a harvest sufficient for fresh consumption and harvesting for the next season. Once you figure out how to store mint, you will provide your family with unique seasoning and tea leaves for the whole winter.

Peculiarities of storage of mint

The storage conditions of mint determine the presence of healing characteristics and aroma in it. In order to harvest the grass for a long time, it can be dried or frozen. Until recently, drying was considered the only way to preserve culture. However, when frozen, the plant retains the maximum amount of nutrients, the original taste and bright smell.

Preparation of raw materials

Cutting mint for the purpose of harvesting begins at the end of June and continues until autumn:

  • harvest time is determined by the beginning of flowering;
  • The best is the raw material of plants of the second or third year;
  • it is recommended to collect plants in the morning and evening hours, in the absence of dew, in warm, dry weather;
  • it is supposed to cut off a third of the branches, because essential oils and other active substances are concentrated in the leaves, flowers, tops of the stems.

Fresh growth will have time to appear on the remaining stem before the end of the season..

How to store fresh mint

Fresh mint will keep in the fridge for a week. To do this, the twigs are wrapped in a damp towel or placed in a container. If you want to put mint in a plastic bag, you need to make sure that no air enters the container.

Drying mint

Drying mint does not require much effort and time:

  • cut stems are easier to keep tied in bunches that are hung in a shaded, ventilated area;
  • it is proposed to experiment and add sprigs of other spicy herbs to the collection, giving various shades to mint drinks;
  • if cut plants are stacked on pallets for drying, the layers should not be thick. The raw materials are regularly mixed.

Readiness is determined by the leaves - if they easily separate from the stem and crumble, it's time to grind the mint and put it in paper bags and glass jars for storage.

Freezing a plant

In order to have fragrant greens on the table all year round, you need to pay attention to the winter freeze. There are several options for freezing today. At the same time, the color of the leaves, fresh taste and useful characteristics are preserved. Whole leaves are used for brewing tea, decorating dishes, making desserts, cocktails. The shredded blank is suitable for sauces and baked goods.

Whole leaves

The cut greens are placed in cold water for five minutes, regardless of where they grow, washed under the tap and laid out in a thin layer on towels. It will take half an hour to get rid of excess moisture. Acceleration of the process is possible when mixing raw materials.

The dried mint is sorted: large, healthy leaves and the upper part of the shoots are placed in small jars or plastic containers. It is wrong to use plastic bags: the workpiece becomes too fragile. The filled container is sent to the freezer.

Whole twigs

Freezing of stems with leaves is not prohibited. A dense bag is stuffed with portioned bunches of mint, carefully rolled into a tube and placed in the freezer. During the procedure, you need to monitor the safety of the leaves.

Finely chopped

Mint leaves come in handy in the winter, crushed or mashed. Such freezing is convenient to carry out in special mini-molds or inserts from assorted candies. Leaves are cut off from the washed branches and left for 10 minutes to dry. Prepared raw materials are finely chopped with a knife or chopped in a blender. The resulting puree is placed in tins and placed in the freezer. The frozen blank is poured into dense polyethylene bags and closed tightly.

In ice cubes

To freeze mint leaves in ice cubes, you need to get silicone molds or a special container. In the cells are laid out tender leaves and tops of the stems in the amount of 4-6 pieces and filled with chilled boiled water. The blanks are placed in the freezer for several hours, removed from the molds and transferred to plastic bags. This method of freezing allows you to keep the leaves intact, which looks advantageous and elegant in various drinks.

Use of blanks:

  • The leaves as a whole and the tops of the shoots are suitable as tea leaves, the basis of fragrant, cooling drinks, compotes, cocktails. Such a preparation is useful as an additive to vegetable stews, stews and poultry, salads, first courses, casseroles from cereals and cottage cheese, cheese cakes.
  • The twigs are used as an ingredient in meat and vegetable rolls, steamed dishes or baked in foil.
  • Ice cubes are excellent in refreshing drinks, such blanks are especially relevant for Mojito.
  • Crushed mint serves as a flavoring agent for all kinds of sauces, pastries, salads from fruits or vegetables.

It doesn't matter in what form you have prepared the mint for storage, this plant will be beneficial and leave a pleasant taste experience.