September 2013

September 2013

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September 14-15 Green Movie Fest (Rome)

Also this year the Casa del Cinema in Rome will host the Green Movie Fest for its second edition. On 14 and 15 September in Largo Mastroianni 1 there will be numerous screenings and several meetings dedicated to the environment, greenery and social issues. To consult the complete program we advise you to visit the site of the event //

September 21 - CITROMANIA (Pescia)

The "Anzilotti" Agricultural Institute will re-propose "Citromani" on September 21st, an event that has been consolidated over the years given the appreciation shown by the public in previous years. The day will focus on the citrus fruit macro-theme and will specifically focus on the cultivation of citrus fruits with the Lucchese technique, tasting of citrus-based dishes and guided tours at the Oscar Tintori nurseries.
For the details of the initiative we refer to the site of the institute:

September 2013: 21 September Academy of the Garden (Pistoia)

The courses of the Academy of Garden of Pistoia are starting again and starting September 21st, the year starts again with the first didactic course dedicated to garden maintenance in autumn. The course will be held at the Academy in Pistoia in Via Bonellina 68 and for those who wish to have more information, visit the website:


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