Advantages and disadvantages of Oktava cherries, variety description and history of origin

Advantages and disadvantages of Oktava cherries, variety description and history of origin

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The dream of many gardeners is to have tasty and fruitful cherries with high quality fruits in the garden, resistant to frost and disease, and consistently bearing fruit every season. These are the qualities of the Oktava cherry variety. This variety differs from others in early flowering and ripening of fruits, a bountiful harvest and excellent taste.

Origin story

Octave was bred in 1986 by Bryansk agricultural scientists by selective crossing. Breeders developed markers of various varieties and developed new ones, which are further analyzed according to the required indicators. The selection process continued until the desired result was achieved, until the Octave was obtained - a cherry that satisfies the specified properties.

Description of the variety

The trees of this variety are medium-sized and have a compact, rounded crown with small, slightly pointed leaves that have a matte surface.

The Oktava cherry begins to bear fruit four years after planting, forming inflorescences of five to six flowers, which, with proper care, turn into fragrant and juicy fruits.

The description of the variety is as follows:

  • pollination - partially self-fertile;
  • ripening - early;
  • yield - forty kilograms from one tree;
  • berries - juicy, dark cherry color, with an easily separable stone;
  • fruit weight - four grams;
  • transportation - not damaged during transportation, thanks to the dry separation of the tails;
  • the frost resistance of the tree is average, it can withstand frosts up to twenty degrees;
  • the frost resistance of the flower bud is high.

Thanks to the listed qualities, Octava has proven itself well and gained popularity among gardeners.

Planting and care rules

The most favorable time for planting seedlings is spring (late March-early April). A sunny, draft-proof place with light soil is selected for the tree. Organic fertilizers are introduced into the well prepared in advance and, two weeks later, a seedling is planted.

Note! Cherry does not like acidic soils; to neutralize it, it is treated with slaked lime.

The soil around the planted tree is slightly trampled and watered abundantly with five buckets of water. In the fall, cherries need to be fed with potash and phosphorus fertilizers.

For proper care and maximum yield, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • annually, before the start of sap flow, dry and old branches, shoots directed inside the crown are removed;
  • watering should be properly regulated: abundant during flowering and fruit formation, moderate during ripening;
  • watch out for weeds, remove them in time;
  • to apply fertilizers correctly and on time.

The yield and normal development of the tree depends on the correct pruning performed in late winter or early spring, before the sap flow begins. During this operation, excess branches are removed, the crown is thinned and rejuvenated.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The specified cherry has the following advantages:

  • productivity;
  • excellent taste of berries;
  • frost resistance;
  • the ability to preserve the quality of berries during transportation;
  • universal use of fruits.

No shortcomings were found in Octave.

Diseases and pests

Cherry is not susceptible to almost any disease due to strong immunity. But to protect against pests, the tree must be sprayed with a special solution every spring, and the trunks must be treated with lime. Octave is suitable for growing in warm and temperate climates in southern and central Russia. Thanks to its high yield, disease resistance and good transportability, it will satisfy the needs of any gardener.

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