Flowers in Basilicata

Flowers in Basilicata

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Question: what flowers in Basilicata?

Which flowers and plants can stay out in winter, in Basilicata?

Flowers in Basilicata: Answer: what flowers in Basilicata?

Dear Dario,
your question poses a rather complex question, as Basilicata is one of the regions with the most particular and varied climate that we can find in Italy; although it is a region of small dimensions, we find ourselves in an area with very different characteristics from area to area: this region overlooks two different seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, and most of the territory is occupied by hills and mountains. Therefore, if the climate on the coasts is purely Mediterranean, with very mild winters and hot summers, the rest of the territory has a more continental climate, and winters can be snowy, and present temperatures close to -10 / -15 ° C. It is therefore not possible for me to show you which plants you can grow in your garden or on your terrace, without knowing in which city of Basilicata you are. This is because, if you live in Maratea, you can grow all the typical Mediterranean climate plants in the garden, such as oleanders, olives, holm oaks, bougainvillea; together with the various plants typical of terraces, such as geraniums or mimosas; and then citrus fruits of various kinds, myrtle, arbutus, cistus, and the beautiful Australian plants (callistemon, banksiae, eucalipti), and dipladenie, stephanotis; in practice you can keep in the garden or on the terrace all the plants that you can find in the nursery, because the winter climate will be mild enough to not have to worry about your plants. If you live in Potenza, or in other hilly or mountainous areas, you will have to consider that many of the plants that we keep on the terrace in summer will suffer during the winter months; so if you have geraniums on the balcony, when the cool autumn weather arrives, they should be moved to a cold greenhouse; if you want to grow a lemon, better place it in a pot, so you can move it to shelter in winter. But you can grow most fruit plants, including kiwis, apples and pears; you can grow shrubs of roses and viburnum, trachelospermum jasminoides, wisteria, oleander (in a flowerbed well exposed to the sun), various berry plants, azaleas and rhododendrons, hydrangeas. If you want a more comprehensive and precise answer, it is advisable for you to indicate in which area of ​​Basilicata you live, and what kind of plants you want to grow, if you intend to keep a few small pots on the terrace, or if you have a large garden with shrubs and trees. There are tens of thousands of garden and terrace plants, each with its own needs, and the territory of Basilicata is very particular, with microclimates that are very different from area to area.


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