Description of the variety of cucumbers Shchedryk, their cultivation

Description of the variety of cucumbers Shchedryk, their cultivation

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Hybrid types of culture are gaining more and more attention among summer residents. Cucumber "Shchedryk" is no exception, due to its ability to self-pollinate it is indispensable for greenhouses.

What is the variety

The characteristics that these cucumbers have are the priority when choosing for cultivation.


  • Disease-resistant.
  • Cucumbers do not require pollination.
  • It does not weave strongly.
  • The female type of flower predominates.
  • On one node 2-3 cucumber ovaries are formed.


  • Shape: cylindrical.
  • Length: 10-12 cm.
  • Fruit surface: lumpy, topped with white thorns.
  • Taste: no bitterness.
  • Density: excellent.
  • Skin: delicate and aromatic.
  • Transportability: excellent, without loss of presentation.
  • Shelf life: long time.

Planting and leaving

Cucumbers "Shchedryk f1" are grown in greenhouses and open ground. Seeds are planted in the last decade of May.

Conditions for obtaining the maximum yield of cucumbers:

  1. The soil is prepared in advance, applying fertilizers since autumn.
  2. Immediately before planting cucumbers, organic matter and manure are introduced into the holes.
  3. The soil must be warmed up to at least 16 ° C. This will increase seed germination.
  4. The distance between the seeds is 10 cm, and the row spacing is 60 cm when growing in rows, and 50 * 70 when growing in a nesting way.

If the seedling method is used, then the seeds of cucumbers are sown 25-30 days before planting in a permanent place. Before transferring to open ground, the plant must be hardened. It is advisable to take the seedlings outside within 10 days. Starting from 20 minutes in the open air, gradually increasing to a whole day.

Competent observance of all requirements leads to an increase in the percentage of the crop.

  • Water for irrigation is taken warm, the process itself is carried out in the evening.
  • Top dressing is alternated, organic and mineral fertilizers are used.
  • It is best to tie the cucumbers to supports, this will ensure uniformity during ripening and better ventilation.
  • Loosening and weeding of cucumbers is carried out as a prevention of the onset of the disease. It is also recommended to treat it with fungicides at least twice.

Disease susceptibility

Cucumbers are immune to the following diseases:

  • Powdery mildew.
  • Olive spot.
  • Root rot.
  • TMV.

Harvest volume and application

According to the description, with proper agricultural technology, 1 plant can produce 5.5–7 kg of fruit. Heat affects cucumbers negatively, high temperatures promote the development of a large number of male flowers. As a result, the yield falls. You can avoid this, you just need to ventilate the greenhouse in a timely manner.

Cucumbers are used for pickling and fresh consumption. According to numerous reviews of gardeners, the fruits are good in any form.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the cucumbers "Shchedryk"

Thanks to the comments of experienced vegetable growers, you can find many useful tips and tricks for growing cucumbers. Reviews contain the necessary information that will help a novice gardener not make mistakes during planting and care.

  • Valentina Mikhailovna. The seeds were recommended to her by the shop assistant. I was very pleased with the choice. The cucumbers gave a record harvest, about 100 pcs. from the plant. Perfect for canning. Fresh, there are no complaints either. Disease resistant. The variety has become a favorite.
  • Svetlana. I have known Gavrish for a long time, I saw a new variety of cucumbers and decided to try it out. I didn't like the incomprehensible bitterness of pickled cucumbers. And when fresh, everything is fine. I decided to try again, if it happens again, I will not grow any more.

Proper care of any plant, including cucumbers, will certainly give positive results. "Shchedryk" pleases all patient with a rich harvest.

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